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In this recent period which e-commerce and digitalization are at the forefront, with the ``NEW NORMAL``, exporters will now be able to sell their products and services to the customers they will obtain through these channels.


Those Who Consider Exporting

As the ihracat.in team, we focus on making the exciting process even more motivating for those who are considering exporting. For this purpose, we create a special team for you with experts in measurement, analysis and target setting.



In the e-commerce planning process, it is important that the topics such as promotion, content, payment and market analysis are done by experts in this field. Otherwise, it is inevitable to waste both time and money. It is necessary to get expert support in order to establish an e-Commerce site such as e-Export and e-Tourism and to obtain efficient results.



As ihracat.in team, we adopt the approach of mastering the digital process of export. Here, we proceed with a comprehensive approach ranging from e-export government incentives to digital marketing solutions and e-transformation services. We plan and analyze every step of the process and measure the result of the application.



In order to invest in e-Tourism, to benefit from government incentives, to have a presence in online channels with a structure that has mastered e-Tourism procedures and to gain profitability; you should definitely get consultancy from expert hands. For this purpose, you can meet with the ihracat.in team and evaluate the special solutions of the team, each of which consists of experts in their own fields.

What Do We Do?

ihracat.in provides services with a team that focuses on digital transformation technology in e-commerce, government incentives and employment law consultancy, digital marketing, strategy determination and original content production. It offers an answer to the question of how the e-commerce site should be designed, how to list the products, or how to set up an e-commerce site with government incentives to what is the original content.

Our Services

As ihracat.in, we offer expert support in many areas such as data, strategy development, content and marketing that you will need in the digital field. We work on digital marketing, software, technology development, measurement and analysis on the axis of websites, corporate blogs, social media platforms, mobile applications, online catalogs and brochures. We offer services to both new entrepreneurs and export veterans of the years in the field of e-export.


Google Market Finder is a globalization and growth tool created for companies that want to do e-commerce or reach other markets in the digital age where the number of internet users is growing. This tool has a system that recommends the right markets for your brand at low cost and enables you to step into e-Export by creating strategies related to these markets. You can make the right market choices for your brand in line with the guidance of this tool, which Google has revealed as a globalization step in the field of e-Commerce, and thus have a company that can serve the whole world.

Influencer marketing, which grows on the basis of trust and is one of the indispensable marketing methods of global brands, is one of the most important branches of digital marketing. Preferring products or brands recommended by trusted influencers creates an interactive marketing opportunity for both customers and brands. With this marketing method, which is a return of the digital age, product advertisements gained a more realistic and sincere dimension.

It is very important to know where you are today in order to find a place for yourself in the digital market environment that shapes the future. Knowing the data about your brand, products and customer profile gives you a great strategic advantage. Knowing the data management systems that ensure that this data is stored and used when necessary takes you one step further in this market environment.

Social media, which emerged as a result of the transformation into an increasingly digital society in the age of digitalization, is a very broad concept that you frequently encounter in your private life and has become one of the sub-branches of marketing. Social media, which is needed by everyone who wants to advance in the field of digital marketing, is one of the marketing methods of every brand that is open to innovations.

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