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All commercial businesses and even those who are on the way to becoming an individual brand have grasped the importance of having a presence on the Internet. The way to increase the chance of sales by delivering a product or service to large masses is possible with a comprehensive digital study that can be integrated with each other. It is necessary to deal with topics such as SEO studies, SEM, quality e-commerce content, analyzes and measurements, strategy determination, brand collaborations and influencer selection, with an approach that overlaps each other but sees each as a separate area of ​​expertise. On this axis, we have been providing comprehensive digital marketing services to e-commerce brands, e-export companies and e-tourism projects for years. Let’s talk a little about what we care about…

  • We Build a Good Team for Good Result

As Ihracat.in, we believe in the relationship between success and digital marketing in the focus of e-commerce sales. Here, the fact that digital marketing is measurable, unlike traditional marketing methods, offers a very important advantage. By measuring what has been done, it is possible to decide what should be done for a better result. But measuring, analyzing and strategizing accordingly requires expertise. For this purpose, we form our team to work with experts who are trained and experienced in the field, by coming together with the industry’s preferred experts in digital marketing and digital transformation technologies in e-commerce. We know how effective it is to work with the best content writers, the best SEO experts, the best SEM experts, the best analysts for the best results. In addition, it is important for us that the team enjoys the project in question, that they have experienced their own work in similar sectors and that they can provide references.

  • We attach great importance to research first

The first thing we do in the projects we deal with is comprehensive research. Within the scope of this research; We work on the sector of the company, its competitors, successful works done in this sector globally, the prominent blogger or influencer options of the sector, word analysis for the brand and the sector, and we bring the current situation into a table. After that, we draw a roadmap, distribute tasks and start working in order to complete the missing ones, improve the existing ones and increase digital awareness. We measure the results of each study we do, and we proceed with measurement and analysis in a result-oriented manner.

  • We Know How to Reach Large Audiences

It is very important to reach large masses for success in e-export. It is necessary to reach markets outside the country and develop a strategy according to the expectations of these markets. Knowing the operation of social media tools in different markets, and producing special solutions for the behavior and needs of users in different countries can provide significant acceleration.

  • We Offer Full Support in e-Transformation

We have a team of experts working to guide e-commerce companies on e-transformation technologies. We are aware of the importance of information and personnel training required for the painless and comfortable e-transformation. We not only provide and deliver the company’s e-transformation infrastructure and necessary procedures, but also focus on user training required in this process. We continue to support these companies and institutions throughout their transition to e-transformation.

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