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exporter solutions

Internet technology and its widespread use offer a wealth of opportunities for global trade. By following the right steps, it becomes possible to make accurate analyzes within a very large data network. Determining the right market for the product or service you want to sell, carrying out digital marketing activities with the appropriate language, approach, use of social media, and measuring every step taken stand out as the main formula for success. It is a proven fact that companies which export online can achieve the best results by receiving professional support at every stage, from government incentives to complete their technical processes for e-transformation, from market determination to market-appropriate digital marketing activities. So, what are the digital solutions for exporters?

What are the Exporter Solutions?

The process management of exports on the online platform, which is defined as the sale of products from Turkey to another country in its simplest form, is very important. In the online export process known as e-Export, there is a need for extensive project work ranging from website design to brand design, from product promotion to the way the process works. For people who export and want to switch to e-export, or for people who want to participate in this race with e-export for the first time, the first step should be to work with experts who have experienced the whole process with different models many times. Let’s look at the answers to the questions of how the issue should be handled on the axis of exporter solutions, what should be done, from the axis of e-export, e-tourism and e-commerce…

Transition to e-Export

Obtaining the relevant control or permit documents in the export regime and regulation, managing the customs’ declaration and shipping delivery processes, providing the main principles of export such as closing the declaration is the backbone of the process. Carrying out this whole process online is of great importance today. You can get support from an experienced team to manage the e-export process with fast integrations. While making your company’s exports online, you can complete the online branding process and take a permanent and clear step for the future.

Establishing an e-Export Company

Hundreds of new companies are established each year to export and build the entire process online. For those who set out with the dream of establishing an export company managed on the Internet, the promotion stages of the brand can be challenging with the intricacies of fulfilling many procedures and providing a brand setup. Many stages and their breakdowns, such as creating a brand setup, opening a website for export according to this setup, developing the website with the right parameters, managing search engine optimization and online advertising processes, and producing content, can tire entrepreneurs. Getting support and progress from experts who have experienced the process many times on the axis of how to establish an e-export company can prevent both time and money loss.

Ways to Open to the World in e-Export

There are some prominent topics in e-export realized within the scope of Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration. Issues such as international cargo integration, international marketplace integration, country-specific sales strategies, country-specific home page display options, multi-language, multi-currency, location-based visitor recognition are very important topics for those who want to export online. Each of these should be studied meticulously and designed in such a way that timely action is taken. For this purpose, it is very important to get professional support and even to move forward with a team that will work for you.

Digital Marketing and Export Solutions

When you move your traditional export volume to e-export or when you set out to start e-export, you will need the results of a successful digital marketing process in a short time. On this axis, it is important that you work with a team that will provide you with comprehensive support for the whole process. Let’s summarize what we, as ihracat.in, support in this process:

  • E-transformation for an easy-going process
  • Creating a brand and determining a strategy accordingly
  • Analysis, measurement and data mining to answer the question of which market and how
  • Producing quality content to present accurate, up-to-date information to the user and attract the attention of the search engine
  • SEO work to make content visible
  • SEM work to promote the product, service, brand, website to the target audience
  • The right influencer collaborations at the right time for more effective marketing
  • Effective social media studies
  • Measurement and analysis of the whole process
  • Informing and up-to-date information on government support in e-Export

Why ihracat.in?

Cross-border commerce in online trade areas such as e-commerce, e-export, e-tourism offers a more comfortable process than the traditional one. On the other hand, it requires a strong research process and experience to read the obtained data. These two issues set the basic line that separates a successful e-export from an unsuccessful one. As ihracat.in family; we are aware of the difference of reading the results of analysis, measurement and data mining and determining a strategy according to these results. For this reason, we work with the best analysts and transform the obtained data into a formula together with the best strategists. We adopt up-to-date working styles for success in e-export, and we form a special team for you with experienced and expert people. We focus on reaching your goal in a systematic way with technology, consultancy and digital marketing services.

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