e-Commerce, which we can see as a comfortable and practical way of doing business, is diversifying with its growing volume. The appeal of reaching more people with the flexibility of time, place and ease of market or customer analysis offered by selling online makes e-commerce necessary. The feeling of freedom and comfort offered by being able to manage the whole process on just one computer attracts people who want to deal with trade. Moreover, the advantageous ground offered by government incentives in e-commerce also provides an important source of motivation. In addition to all of these, the flexible infrastructures of global marketplaces that make the process easier and make entrepreneurs hungry for e-commerce are also important. For all these reasons, trade masters of the years want to switch to e-commerce, and new entrepreneurs want to start with an e-commerce perspective. So, is e-commerce as easy as it seems or what should be considered when setting up an e-commerce site to get effective results?

Is e-Commerce Easy to Do?

Here, it would be correct to start with the proverb “the grass looks greener on the other side”. Because the approach that simplifies the issue, such as listing products on online marketplaces and waiting for them to be sold, is not very appropriate. Because there are a number of workloads that require mastery such as product procurement, product selection, market selection according to the product, brand strategy and digital marketing setup according to the market, analysis and measurements and the ability to read these analyzes in order to do all of these correctly. In addition to these, for people who will do e-commerce with government incentives, the main business items are to get consultant’s opinion on the current regulations and to obtain information about e-commerce law. On the other hand, it is necessary to master the long path of a successful e-commerce process from knowing the legal framework, determining the strategy, and evaluating the data. If you set out to carry out this whole process with the support of a team of experts in their own fields, doing e-commerce is not easy, but it can become a successful venture that achieves its goal. Well, on which issues should you get consultancy when starting e-commerce?

Works within the Scope of e-commerce Consultancy

  • Legal process and government incentives consultancy
  • Technical support on topics like e-commerce integration, marketplaces – website integration
  • Branding and branding support
  • Website setup, design and optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Quality original content
  • Professional support on topics like videos, images, photographs
  • Influencer marketing strategy and influencer support
  • Search engine ads strategy support
  • Social media ads strategy support
  • Social media content support
  • Research on delivery
  • Market analysis

Advantages of e-Commerce over Traditional Commerce

We can list the advantages of e-commerce, which largely eliminates the barriers of slow decision-making and reaching a limited audience with a lot of effort in traditional commerce methods:

  • Opportunity to reach more people and therefore a wider target audience
  • Practicality to get faster results
  • Easy and effective promotion of the product with interaction in different channels
  • Flexibility of selling products in different channels
  • Ease of introducing the product in detail
  • Making market analysis comfortably and with very clear data

What Should Be Considered For Effective E-commerce?

In the e-commerce race, selling a product in online channels, the desired success cannot be achieved when some topics are not studied in enough detail. e-Commerce can be successful with extensive research and painstaking work. For people who want to do e-commerce for the first time or want to be more successful in this process, it may be important to consider the following tips:

  • Scope of Government Incentives in e-Commerce

It is important for companies that will engage in e-commerce to obtain comprehensive information on government incentives in practice. Accordingly, many advantages can be obtained. According to the current regulation, there are very effective State supports especially for cross-border trade in subjects such as digital marketing and travel.

  • Market Analysis

A comprehensive market analysis should be made and a strategy should be determined according to the information provided by the analysis. With these analyzes, the target market can be determined and changes can be made in the product or service.

  • Pre-Ads Analysis

The importance of analytics for Google ads should be known, random advertisements should not be given. In line with the analysis, more effective digital marketing results can be obtained with less budget.

  • Corporate Website

Even if high volume sales are made from the market places, the corporate identity should be introduced with the website. It should be a website that reflects the brand identity.

  • SEO Work

Search engine optimization should be made for the website. Thus, it should be ensured that the website, brand, products or services are visible in the search engine.

  • Quality Content Creation

Quality content should be produced on the axis of search engine optimization, that is, SEO. It should be aimed to compete against similar product or service providers with quality, original content. Content should be created by giving importance to the subject of presenting the most comprehensive information about the product or service in the simplest way and in the most appropriate way for search engine optimization.

  • Video and Visual Support Should Be Obtained

Content should be supported with quality images and videos. Texts are very important for SEO. Also, the user also benefits from these texts. However, the impact of images and videos on purchasing is much greater.

  • A&B Tests and Analysis on the Website

Website design should not be done without detailed research. Visitor behavior should be analyzed and a strategy should be planned accordingly.

  • Product / Service Research

Promotional activities should be carried out regarding the product or the privileges offered. As a result of the studies focused on the product, topics such as advertising, content, promotion, influencer marketing should be planned.

  • Competitor Analysis Should Be Done

Topics such as websites, products/services, strategies, site traffic they receive, or search volumes for brands-products-services of brands and companies that offer similar products or services should be analyzed.

In the e-commerce planning process, it is important that the topics such as promotion, content, payment and market analysis are done by experts in this field. Otherwise, it is inevitable to waste both time and money. It is necessary to get expert support in order to establish an e-commerce site such as e-export and e-tourism and to obtain efficient results.

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