Tourism, which spreads over a wide commercial area such as accommodation, car rental, travel, tour organizations, restaurants and even shops in touristic areas, provides a very important country development income, although it is fed by the trouble of the service sector. Tourism, built on quality service, has a structure that achieves success with good staff. Marketing in tourism is closely related to the satisfaction of the guest. Political balances between countries, guests from the relevant country who came before and were satisfied; determines how productive foreign tourism will be in the next year. On the other hand, digital marketing is an excellent tool for tourism and it is at least as powerful as these two factors. Especially for e-tourism, it is possible to obtain a huge potential with digital marketing. So, what is e-tourism and what should be done for successful e-tourism?

Being Successful in e-Tourism

e-Tourism is a part of e-commerce. It focuses on the promotion and sale of the service rather than the product. Online structuring in tourism is essential to reach a wide guest potential. It is important to understand and apply e-tourism correctly for restaurants, accommodation facilities, excursion and tour organizations or travel options such as car rental, airlines and buses. Successful results can be obtained when the right strategy is determined for online promotion and sales in tourism. All of the researches, such as what to do to attract more customers to the hotel, or ways to bring tourists from the internet, lead to an e-tourism organization supported by quality content. So, what is e-tourism and how is it done?

What is e-Tourism?

The state of e-commerce, which is defined as the marketing, sales, promotion and payment transactions of the service on the axis of computer networks, for tour sales, holiday sales, accommodation sales, room sales, transfer sales, ticket sales, travel sales, we call e-tourism. So, how is e-tourism done?

First of all, you can promote and sell your services such as restaurants, hotels, tours through comparison platforms. These common platforms provide you with a ready-made infrastructure in many areas from promotion to payment security, from online customer service to organization of the process. They also provide a great opportunity to reach a very wide audience, thanks to a well-studied SEO and SEM process. However, despite all these conveniences, the existence of your own corporate website and your own official social media accounts are important. For a successful e-tourism management, you must have a brand setup, a website that promotes your service in a language appropriate to the brand setup, and social media tools. These tools will also give confidence to visitors from common platforms. So, how is a successful tourism website, how is social media management done in tourism?

Creating a Web Site in e-Tourism!

Presence in the digital world is important for all commercial activities. If you are establishing a new business in tourism, offering a new service or needing to strengthen your existing brand and increase brand awareness, your starting point is a well planned website. It is important to design a brand setup before creating a website. This setup will work as a decisive guide to the appearance and language of the site and will be effective in presenting a unity rather than a scattered narrative. For the sector, competitor analysis and target audience analysis stand out as a subject that will guide the whole process. Since the strategy will be determined as a result of the analysis, traffic analysis, visitor analysis, target audience analysis, trend word analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis should be provided with expert support and a content, advertisement and campaign plan should be made in line with these. The process is not complete by creating a tourism website It is necessary to conduct a detailed study on issues such as payment security on the website, the comfort of use of the site, and the visibility of the site.

Rely on ihracat.in Team in e-Tourism Consulting!

To invest in e-tourism; in order to benefit from government incentives, to have a presence in online channels with a structure that has mastered e-tourism procedures, and to gain profitability, you should definitely get consultancy from expert hands. For this purpose, you can meet with the ihracat.in team and evaluate the special solutions of the team, each of which consists of experts in their own fields. You can benefit from consultancy services on government incentives in e-tourism, digital marketing support, and e-tourism transformation technologies expertise with the ihracat.in team. On this axis, you can find an answer to the question of whether your company can do e-tourism with the support of the government and experience a successful e-transformation process. You can get digital marketing support based on analysis and measurements and increase the visibility of your site with quality tourism and travel content.

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