The process of transporting a product out of the country is quite painful. The procedures for both exiting and entering the other country are often tedious. Traditional exporters know these processes well and provide successful cross-border trade with the solutions they apply for each stage. However, there may be difficulties in the transition from traditional exports to e-exports, despite years of experience. Here, there may be a structuring and learning difficulty on the axis of getting used to the online managed business process and using technical tools. On the other hand, just as a single person does not manage the traditional export process, there is more than one area of ​​expertise in e-export. From analysis to measurement, from market research to advertising, from search engine optimization to content, from building a website to e-export integration, from incentives to procedures, for companies that will do e-export, for companies that will switch from export to e-export, and for those who will make e-exports for the first time through marketplaces, there is a scope with fields. So, what are the digital solutions for exporters?

Digital Effective Solutions for Exporters

As we mentioned above, process management in export is difficult. For institutions that already have years of export experience, there may be a difficulty in adapting, understanding and maintaining the digitalization process. It is important for export companies to get support from professionals in order to strengthen their online infrastructure and switch to e-export. So, what are the specialization details that stand out when providing e-export consultancy to exporting companies? How does electronic export work and why is it necessary? Let’s take these topics one by one…

Transition of Export Companies to e-Export

e-Export, also known as cross-border e-commerce, attracts both the export giants of years and the first time they will venture in this field with the advantages it offers. So, what advantages does e-export offer and what difficulties does it have?

What are the Advantages of e-Export?

  • Investment cost is lower than traditional export.
  • A wide audience can be easily reached thanks to the online marketplaces.
  • With government incentives, it can be a much more attractive trade option.
  • It includes the advantage of B2C, that is, reaching the consumer directly.
  • It offers the advantage of having the opportunity to sell products in a fast, easy and secure way with a 24/7 open showcase.

Why Does e-Export Require Expertise?

For the sustainability of e-export, it is necessary to know the trade rules in the country where the product will be sold, to learn about local customer behavior, to research on consistent and predictable logistics systems, to examine taxation and e-commerce laws in detail, to know the additional taxes imposed on the person who buys the product, and to conduct market analysis. It should be known that it involves a series of difficulties and troubles. It is absolutely necessary to get comprehensive e-export support from a team of experts in these matters. At this point, it becomes important to provide consultancy to those who make e-exports effectively. On the other hand, digital marketing is of great importance in e-export to get a successful sales result. It is known that good sales results can be achieved in the targeted market with the right digital marketing strategy and application. So, is a website necessary to sell products in e-export and is a website sufficient for digital marketing?

Is Website Necessary in e-Export?

First of all, it should not be forgotten that an exporting company needs a professional website in terms of brand identity, and that this website should be supported by online channels. On the other hand, although the existence of online marketplaces makes it possible to do e-commerce and e-export in these channels, a website includes meanings such as being an institution, being a brand and giving confidence to the buyer. On the other hand, a successful website optimization means being able to sell and connect through its own system without the need for a marketplace. For this reason, it should be aimed to move forward with an up-to-date website that is search engine optimized, has quality content and images, is supported by social media tools, and has a strong online presence. Professional support should be gotten for this purpose. However, creating a website alone will not be enough. Technical works such as the integration of this site with social media tools, promotion to the search engine, integration with marketplaces should also be provided correctly. On the other hand, SEO and SEM work should be done for the website, and original e-commerce content should be developed in order to do these.

Special Solutions for Exporters

As ihracat.in team, we adopt the approach of mastering the digital process of export. Here, we proceed with a comprehensive approach ranging from e-export government incentives to digital marketing solutions and e-transformation services. We plan and analyze every step of the process and measure the result of the application. We provide support to the export process with a team of experts in the axis of influencer marketing, search engine ads optimization such as SEM, search engine optimization and content production such as SEO, quality graphics – video – SEO compatible text development and analysis, measurement, GMF solutions. We answer questions such as which market is more advantageous to turn to, what to do to produce content specific to the sociology of the market, which advertisement should appear in which time period, which words should be focused on, and how to support these words on the website. For this purpose, we work with experts in each of the fields such as SEO, SEM, content, analysis, digital marketing, e-transformation, software, design.

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