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Is there any government incentive for exporting abroad from the Internet? How to get government incentives for e-export? Questions like these are often asked. As Ihracat.in team, we also care about providing information on Government incentives in e-commerce to companies that we offer e-transformation solutions, website optimization, digital market analysis, digital marketing and quality original content support.

It is possible to make the process much more advantageous with incentives and government supports in e-export. Similarly, receiving government incentives in international e-commerce or participating in government-sponsored training offers a great advantage, especially for beginners. It is much easier to get successful results in e-tourism with government support and incentives in other commercial activities. Well, how can I get government support in selling products and services abroad, which is basically an e-export process?

Government Incentives for e-Export

Government incentives are very effective for e-export companies. State in promoting e-export; It offers some conveniences, especially in terms of marketing and taxation. So, what are the conditions for receiving government incentives in e-export? In fact, it is important for e-export companies to conduct a comprehensive analysis in order to receive support from the State. However, roughly two conditions must be met:

Localization of the website used in e-export in accordance with the language of the country of operation.

For e-export government incentives, the products to be sold through e-export must also be produced in Turkey.

What Does Government Incentive Cover in e-Export?

Marketing activities, promotional activities, preparation of some documents, participation in foreign fairs, expenses of branches opened abroad, trademark registration and travel support are offered to companies engaged in e-export with government support.

For these reasons, you can get government support for the sale of products abroad and especially for the sale of services on the axis of tourism, and with these supports, you can be successful as a result of a comprehensive online marketing process.

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