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As Ihracat.in, we offer expert support in many areas such as data, strategy development, content and marketing that you will need in the digital field. We work on digital marketing, software, technology development, measurement and analysis on the axis of websites, corporate blogs, social media platforms, mobile applications, online catalogs and brochures. In the field of e-export, we offer services to both new entrepreneurs and export veterans of the years. Let’s take a closer look at what we’re doing about it.

  • What are we doing?

    Within the scope of e-commerce and digital marketing, we focus on every detail with an expert team. Before starting to take action according to digital advertising studies or new strategies, we analyze and measure in order to obtain accurate statistical data about the return on investment to be made and to produce predictions. We determine the target audience, we work specifically for the target audience. We focus on utilizing the digital space with lower cost and more accurate results. From this point of view, we are doing very well.

    We focus on providing different services with a team of experts that offer a comprehensive approach to the subject for companies that want to be successful in e-commerce. Our services that enable you to be successful in e-commerce include Google Market Finder, Influencer Marketing, media planning, data planning and social media. Our expert and professional team prepares special projects for you to achieve the best performance. In addition, our team has signed many successful projects in the fields of e-commerce, e-export and e-tourism in the axis of different sectors and brands. Establishment of a project-specific team and the experience of the established team stand out among the main factors that ensure the success of the projects. We can summarize our services with the following topics:

  • Google Market Finder

Choosing the right market is among the difficulties faced by companies that want to reach different markets. The way to make the right choice for your company among markets with different segments is through Google Market Finder tools. Thanks to the Google Market Finder service, we help you decide which market you should prioritize to increase your e-commerce volume. Thanks to the studies focused on the target market with realistic analysis, we ensure that the digital marketing budget is used efficiently and we get really good results.

  • Influencer Marketing

We call an influencer a person who has a certain number of followers on social media platforms and who also influences the behavior, approach and daily life habits of the people who follow him. Influencer marketing is defined as reaching large audiences through influencers. With influencer marketing communication, you can attract more traffic to your platform in e-commerce and increase your sales with the right advertising collaborations. The point that needs to be taken care of in the influencer marketing process is the overlap between the brand and the influencer selection. Otherwise, your cooperation may fail because the brand target audience and the influencer target audience will not hold. In fact, brand communication can be permanently damaged.

  • Media Planning

You get support from advertising communication to introduce your brand to your target audience and to make them prefer your brand. The planning of which channels the advertisements will take place in and at what time intervals is called media planning. In order to be successful in the media planning process, the target audience must be determined, the intended result must be determined and the details of the campaign must be created in line with these. This is only possible with a very experienced team in this field.

  • Data Planning

In order to be successful in e-commerce, it is important to plan every step in advertising and marketing communication and to take action in line with your plans. In this process, we help you with your data or how you should plan your data. Thus, you can give the right message to the right audience at the right time. In this way, you can directly deliver the message you want to give to your target audience.

  • Social media

The value of being visible on social media platforms that are heavily used by your target audience is increasing day by day. In this way, you can interact with your customers and potential customers and ensure that your target audience prefers your brand.

  • Contents

Quality content is very valuable for an e-commerce site. Likewise, the quality of social media content is a defining feature for the future of brands. We care about getting support from content writers with SEO knowledge and working with a team that we have trained in this field for a long time, while providing quality and original content. We produce content that is of sufficient length, original, divided into sub-titles, suitable for SEO with pre-keyword analysis, and that the user will enjoy reading. We don’t write for the sake of writing, we focus on producing useful content instead of the word piles listed at the bottom of the e-commerce site pages.

Establishing the necessary actions for success in e-commerce is one of the requirements for both expanding the customer portfolio and reaching the target audiences more easily. Our company’s professional team; It is ready to take the necessary actions by setting up the necessary moves for your success in e-commerce. You can contact us for actions and recommendations to increase turnover and revenues in e-commerce.

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