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influencer marketing

What does influencer mean? Many people are doing research on who is called an influencer or what does an influencer mean. It is not difficult to achieve target-oriented success with influencer marketing, which has become one of the strongest and most effective marketing methods of e-commerce. So, what is influencer marketing? How to do influencer marketing for successful marketing? Let’s look at the details of what is influencer marketing, which is one of the subjects we are ambitious about and we achieve target-oriented results.

Influencer Marketing and Being Target Oriented!

The gradual increase in the area and effectiveness of social media in our lives also causes the emergence of a new socio-cultural medium. Social media creates its own values ​​and culture, as well as its own celebrities. These celebrities, who can be defined as influencers, consist of people who are followed by a lot of people on social media. Influencer, as a word, means “influencing” or “injecting”; In practical jargon, it is used to describe people who can entice audiences with the ideas or content they create on social media. Influencers can play a role in today’s digital advertising, just as advertising fictions and campaigns are created using celebrities in classical advertising practices. Today, many e-commerce companies apply to this type of advertising and marketing, which is defined as influencer marketing.

What Does Influencer Marketing Mean? / What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer is defined as a person, community, symbol that influences or greatly shapes people’s behavior. In social media, an influencer is a popular person. This popular person impresses those who follow him. We are under the influence of social media with hundreds of different Influencers such as Makeup Influencer, food Influencer, baby care Influencer, decoration Influencer, media planning Influencer, clothing and fashion Influencer, healthy life Influencer, emotional life and psychological balance Influencer, nature enthusiast Influencer, traveler Influencer. real. Actually, there are Influencers. Because they are doing research on a subject instead of us, they try to give us ideas. It’s great to take advantage of them. On the other hand, for brands, Influencer means a marketing channel that directly reaches the target audience. We call Influencer marketing or Influencer marketing the systematic and professional work done to take advantage of the popularity of Influencers to reach potential buyers.

Advertising and Marketing with Influencers

Advertising or marketing activities to be carried out by people or accounts defined as Influencers can be carried out in the form of product placement or open advertisement. Individuals or groups, who are described as an internet phenomenon in product placement with Influencer, use the product to be promoted without mentioning it specifically and show its brand to the target audience. In direct advertisements, an internet phenomenon promotes the product, service or company in their posts. In both types of advertising and marketing strategies, the choice of the person defined as an influencer plays an important role.

What Should Influencers Consider While Marketing?

It is possible to list the main topics to be considered while advertising through Influencer as follows.

  • Moral and ethical values ​​of people selected as advertisement or brand face,
  • The posts that those determined as influencers have made in the past and will do in the future,
  • The target audience addressed by the advertising faces or groups,
  • Compatibility of advertising faces with the brand or company,

are among the things that need attention. The selection of the appropriate one from different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram influencer is also important in terms of marketing strategy.

The Importance of Social Media and Influencer in e-Commerce

The use of influencers in social media in e-commerce and e-marketing is among the common concepts today. Thanks to Influencer, both large audiences are easily reached and desired advertisements are made more effectively. People who follow Infuencer’s social media accounts are able to recognize the product by seeing direct or product placement advertisements among the posts. In addition, the ability to persuade the customer and therefore the return of the marketing done through an influencer that is selected and positioned correctly increases. Influencer selection and management, despite all its advantages, is an area that needs to be done with the utmost care and that has significant risks if not done by professional management. With our professional social media and influencer marketing team, you can come to the fore in influencer advertisements as in all areas of digital marketing.

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