Data Management

data management

Data is of great importance in the creation of marketing and sales strategies, both in digital and traditional processes. In order for the marketing tools to be used effectively, many different factors such as the customer portfolio, competitors in the market, potential customers, the company’s opportunities and risks need to be known and managed. Gathering the necessary data in the field of marketing was an important workload in the past. In addition, it was inevitable to do many manual operations and to lose a lot of time in this regard. In today’s digital world, huge amounts of data can be collected with skillfully programmed algorithms. Again, various methods can be developed by professionals to selectively manage, update and use this data. What is data management? The answer to the question can be given within this whole systematic of collection, classification and use. The chance of success will be higher when data management, which is also referred to as data management in the programming literature, is designed by professionals specifically for each e-commerce platform.

Importance of Data Management in e-Commerce

Successful w-commerce and e-marketing organizations work with a systematic that uses information and data as inputs. All of the variables related to the company itself, such as product information, sales numbers and amounts required for company profitability, or the logistics capabilities of the company, and external variables such as customer portfolio, potential customers and the status of competitors, all constitute the subject of data management. Selecting and compiling the information that will guide digital marketing in a fairly large pool of information is only possible with data management and analysis. Doing data analysis correctly in digital marketing:

  • Creating customer-based suggestions and solutions by getting to know the customer base better,
  • Build point-by-point advertisements for potential customers,
  • Easier processing of feedback about the product or service,
  • Saving measures can be taken easily in marketing and logistics activities. Allows. A successful data management should be defined and implemented by professional teams specifically for each e-commerce company.

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