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what do we do

The world is moving towards an era where commerce is almost completely digital. In order to be successful in this new digital commerce process, where the traditional commercial operation has been largely abandoned, issues such as data mining, data analysis, strategy based on data, developing original content and doing a lot of research to see opportunities come to the fore rather than individual relationships. Of course, each of these topics has its own details that require expertise and experience. For entrepreneurs who set out to digitize trade or provide simple e-transformation and thus benefit from government incentives and manage their business more freely from time and space on a more flexible platform, getting support from experts in the aforementioned topics is the key to success. Establishing precisely this need, ihracat.in offers services with a team that focuses on digital transformation technology in e-commerce, government incentives and employment law consultancy, digital marketing, strategy determination and original content production. It offers answers to the question of how the e-commerce site design should be, how to list the products, or how to set up an e-commerce site with government incentives to what is the original content. It is important to reach up-to-date information to guide those who want to grow while doing e-commerce, those who will do e-commerce for the first time and those who want to understand e-commerce.

What Does ihracat.in Do?

For online promotion and sales-oriented initiatives such as e-commerce, e-tourism, e-export, we make a work plan that focuses on getting efficient results by managing the process in a comprehensive way. We want to reach the widest possible market and get the most efficient results permanently for the startup that expects results online in the said field. While doing this, we also offer consultancy on government incentives, e-transformation and the online legal framework of the business area in question. Let’s explain the details and scope of the process…

  • Research and Analysis

The first step in the business plan for startups within the scope of e-commerce is research and analysis. What kind of a market demand for the product or service in question, online trends and habits, needs and online purchasing behaviors of the institutions or individuals forming this market are called market analysis. Market analysis in e-commerce says a lot about how to develop a promotional strategy. It may even cause changes in the product or service itself. Marketplace analysis, market analysis, influencer marketing analysis, GMF analysis is done from different angles.

  • Design

The first step in establishing an online presence in e-commerce is to design an e-commerce website. A simple, easy-to-use, reliable, up-to-date website that offers sufficient information is a tool that all e-commerce systems need. With this perspective, we offer a sustainable and comprehensive website design. On the other hand, we support design processes like video animation, Woocommerce, magento. We move forward in design based on analysis and data, not personal taste.

  • Digital Marketing

An online structure absolutely needs an online marketing strategy in order to present and promote its product or service to the masses. Online marketing built with the right setup from the very beginning; is both a data analysis product, a science and an art. In this axis, we work for local marketing, ethnic marketing, digital marketing analysis, content marketing on youtube with videos and similar channels, SEM strategies, Yandex, Bing, Google ads and more on-the-spot results. We use mobile marketing and influencer marketing approaches.

  • Technology

We provide technologies to support different stages such as data mining, use of Growth Management Platform, marketing automation, CRM, digital transformation services. We work to make e-transformation easy and reliable. After technical and software support in the e-commerce site e-transformation process, we continue to provide services for the smooth flow of the process.

  • Content

We create SEO compatible texts, quality images, social media content, video content for e-commerce site. While producing content, we care about getting support from experienced content experts, and we ensure that content writers are knowledgeable about search engine optimization. We are building content that will be beneficial to the user, move the brand to the next level and make the site more visible in the search engine, not ordinary rubbish content.

We constantly measure all the work and their results and make continuous improvements according to the results we receive. We believe in the importance of comprehensive measurement. For this purpose, we professionally use techniques such as Google Analytics, Analytics, visitor behavior analysis, prediction-prediction analysis.

Why Should You Get e-Commerce Consultancy on ihracat.in?

Working with strong technology partners and a team of experts in the field, ihracat.in is a formation that has accomplished many successful projects. It works with a systematic and inclusive approach that supports e-commerce and e-export businesses at every stage of the process. It focuses on providing the best service with the best on the scientific side of the subject such as analysis, measurement, data mining, as well as on the artistic side such as creating a website, providing e-transformation, and content production and designing. It continuously reports the process with measurements and supports your progress on a clear chart.

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