It is known that trade focused on exports, tourism and product sales must have a presence on the online platform. Showing an online presence is a great tool for commerce to reach wider audiences. From this point of view, we see that online presence is also provided by various tools and the qualities of these tools are diversified. Website, social media profile, video animation works should be handled in detail from the very beginning during the design phase. At this point, the creative process gains importance in e-commerce.

Simple and Reliable Designs

The creative process must be well-structured from the very beginning, and must also respond to the site’s desire for further expansion and change. A strong image should be provided with the design, font and color selection suitable for the brand identity, and the general structure should be convincing to the user. A payment page that does not encourage shopping allows the user to give up easily; an unimpressive homepage design makes you want to look at the products; A flow that does not contain enough information also causes insecurity.

What are the Services within Creative?

The services that a digital support institution will offer within the scope of creative are similar. However, the quality of each of these services affects the success of the entire process and ultimately profitability. For a well-planned creative process with the right design tools, it is absolutely necessary to work with experts who know their job well. In particular, an experienced team in e-export and e-commerce can predict problems before they occur, providing a significant return. So, what do we do as ihracat.in within the scope of creative?

  • HTML5

With its mobile compatibiliy(responsivity), flexibility to play internal audio and video, and other outstanding features, HTML5 design must be provided flawlessly. In this regard, we develop special solutions for e-export and e-commerce sites.

  • UX/UI

User experience and user interface, these two terms are important parts of the design process. Focusing on these issues positively affects the user’s desire to order. UX and UI are very important for success in looking at products, reviewing products, navigating between pages and ordering, returning to a sale in a nutshell or providing a successful payment at the payment page. Getting support from experts in UX/UI optimization in e-commerce is especially important for the action on the payment page.

  • Video Animation

Creating innovative works in video animation, which expresses the design of not only movie or clip animations but also all moving visuals, is a way to attract the attention of the user. On the other hand, video animations are very valuable to explain the product and service.

  • Website Design

The subject of website design, which is the showcase of a brand, has to be inclusive, innovative, simple and developable.

  • WooCommerce

It is necessary to get support from a team experienced in WooCommerce, which is used to transform WorldPress-based websites into e-commerce platforms, and to manage this process well from the very beginning.

  • Magento

The magento design, which we can define as an e-commerce software, can determine the fate of the e-commerce venture. While a very successful software can be obtained with the right choices and the right plug-ins, otherwise a waste of effort and time becomes inevitable.

How Does Creative Process Management Work at ihracat.in?

We want to provide services to those who want to do e-commerce and e-export with a holistic approach that covers every stage of the process. Here, we adopt an approach ranging from government incentive consultancy to brand construction for businesses that decide to export online. We work with professionals in a process ranging from providing technical studies and technology for e-transformation to search engine optimization and target market determination. In addition to this, we know the importance of content and design in e-commerce, and we conduct comprehensive analyzes before starting to work on these issues. We offer a service where we focus on details in Magento, WooCommerce, Website Design, Video Animation, UX / UI topics.

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