Today, HTML5, one of the most preferred and most comprehensive markup languages ​​for e-commerce sites, blogs or other platforms, is very important. HTML5 expertise is essential for a successful website design. So, what is HTML5 and how is it installed?

What is HTML5?

The answer of the question “what is HTML5” can be given as a comprehensive language used in website design worldwide. HTML5, which is the last version of HTML, which is the markup language frequently used in website design, was decided in 2008, is defined as the web design language that allows much more detailed content to be produced than the previous HTML version 4.1. HTML5 also stands out as the main web markup language currently recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium. With this structure, HTML5; is also preferred by many software companies such as Apple, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft. Let’s also look at the advantages of HTML5 over previous versions:

  • built-in audio and video playback
  • able to use offline cache
  • cross browser compatibility
  • responsivity for mobile applications

The Most Popular Markup Language: HTML5

HTML5, which became widespread rapidly after the version was released in 2008, was used as the basic markup language in 34 of the 100 most clicked websites in 2011 and in the websites of 153 of Fortune 500 companies in the world in 2013. The prevalence of HTML5 stands out as the most popular web design language today. HTML5 has the structure to be characterized as a markup language rather than a program. For this reason, if HTML5 is desired to be used while preparing websites, you can use website preparation tools or various design programs.

How to Install HTML5?

The answer to the question of how to install HTML5 is the same as the answer to the question of how to design a website. HTML5 allows text, images, images and videos to be easily linked together during web design. Although these links can be provided more easily with some HTML5 template ready HTML5 snippets, a unique website designed by professionals is effective in highlighting all the desired features more easily. Code writing on HTML5 has been simplified compared to previous versions and has been made to allow the use of drag-and-drop technique. With the help of a programming engine (IDE), code writing on HTML5 can be made more effective. Bringing creativity to the fore in website design, HTML5 creates a canvas on which images, video fragments, various streams and Javascript applications that work together. In addition, HTML5, also corrects coding errors, enabling less error-prone websites to be created thanks to its clean coding system. There is no need for a special video and audio player on computers to use the video and audio playback feature, which is one of the most important features of HTML5.

Rely on Experience for HTML5 Installation!

Thanks to user-friendly languages ​​such as HTML5, people who are not software experts will be able to easily design and implement websites and mobile applications in the near future. However, experience is still a very important determinant for successful results. An experienced software specialist sees the flaws in her/his setup from the very beginning and knows how to develop the system according to the needs of the e-commerce site in question or what will be needed in the future. Accordingly, it leaves open ends or designs the system for development from the very beginning. For these reasons, have your e-commerce site set up by getting support from people who are experienced in HTML5 setup!

The ihracat.in design team consists of experts in HTML5 design. The services which provided by ihracat.in, to brands whose success is known especially in the e-export sector and e-commerce field are good examples of this. You can count on ihracat.in team for your e-export brand to grow rapidly and strongly.

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