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Websites and mobile platforms are advancing with an impact ranging from shopping to receiving services, from data analysis to planning life. As it progresses, it generates new business ideas and is constantly optimized to be better in itself. In order to make an e-commerce site the most useful, various analyzes and optimizations should be provided. So what is UX and UI?

If you want to do e-commerce or e-export; you should care about the concept of “online user experience”. The more successful you are in UX and UI design, you can carry the experience of the visitor to your site to the higher level. This affects the visitor’s transition from basket to payment at a higher rate. UX / UI is a whole with brand – product and content strategy. Here, the user’s experience on the site, persona analysis, customer experience map, eye tracking, heat map, EEG, competitor analysis, A/B tests, interaction and behavior analysis, conversion rates analysis and usability are evaluated. It is a real specialty. With the right UX and UI planning, the user’s rate of taking action on your site increases. For this reason, clicking buttons such as “make an appointment” / “buy” / “order” / “book” and well-optimized UX / UI studies are of great importance in achieving the result of the transaction.

Details About UX/UI

The fact that every content created in the electronic environment appeals to human use and aesthetics is among the important criteria to stand out in the developing electronic world. The concepts of UX and UI are about producing aesthetic and user-friendly content in a world where too much electronic content is focused on attracting people’s attention. UX; consists of the initials of the English words “user experience”. UI; consists of the initials of the English words “user interface”.

User Experience: UX

UX is a component that enables users to easily access the product, service or content they are looking for in digital media, and thus ensures that the digital content is visited by the same user again and again. A digital environment with a well-designed UX provides the user with a comfortable experience and paves the way for being preferred again. There are many factors that affect the user experience in the digital channels. Among the visual tools such as user experience, size and position of buttons, which can be examined under the title of digital ergonomics; it works in many different disciplines, from the layout and roadmap in the site, to changing the content of the site with user-based algorithms. Today, professional digital channels that want to maximize the user experience, record each user’s behavior with artificial intelligence and offer different content on the same website with user-specific algorithms. If the answer to the question of what is UX, which can be handled in a very broad scope, is sought; can be given as the content user’s more comfortable interaction with digital content. UX design is one of the important criteria of a content. The question of what is UX design can be answered as all components in the design of a digital content according to user ergonomics.

User Interface: UI

UI can be called the overall design in the visual structure of digital content. The concept of user interface is related to the layout, size of images, colors, backgrounds, sounds and similar concepts in the internal structure of a website, mobile application or various digital content to be adjusted in a way that is pleasing to the user’s senses. Today, digital channels appeal not only to the visual, but also to the tactile senses with vibration and similar features in mobile applications. User interface design with all its components is an important digital ergonomics science and is a very important factor in the success of digital content. If we give a short answer to the question of what is UI; The UI will be called the design of every component that digital content users feel.

Should You Get UX/UI Service?

You like the product on an e-commerce site, you want to buy it, but you cannot find the “buy” button or you cannot proceed to the payment stage with the “payment” option… If you have had these experiences, you can understand better the importance of UX and UI optimization. This is exactly why you should get UX and UI analyzes from professionals for your e-commerce site to be successful. Otherwise, many details such as an e-commerce site front where half of the page is not visible, a search bar that does not give any results, or users who cannot find the search button and leave the page, negatively affect sales.

Today’s UX and UI Trends

In recent years, focusing on user experience has become one of the most important topics for an e-commerce or e-export site. It is very important for the user to find what she/he is looking for on the site, to be able to progress step by step and in a very simple way, as well as quickly. On the other hand, topics such as compatibility with mobile devices(responsivity) and offering applications are among the trends.

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