Video Animation

video animation

The use of original graphics or design video animations for the e-export site is becoming more and more popular. The success of these studies in promoting and explaining the product is increasing.

Ten years ago, it was very difficult to foresee or to really envision that commerce would shift to a purely online ground. It is predicted that ten years from now, a simulation or animation character will make purchases and appointments according to the brief we give. Today, we see text content written for the search engine algorithm and providing information to the user on websites. But let’s face it, reading is often boring and takes a long time. This is exactly why it is not hard to see that successful and original graphics and animations will become more and more functional. Moreover, according to these, the search engine algorithm may also change.

Video and graphic animations are one of the most important tools when creating user interfaces of e-commerce and e-export sites. E-commerce site video animations include the design of all animated visuals, not just movie or clip animations. Video animations have become the basis of today’s websites, enabling the transmission of both visual and written messages in an extremely effective way. E-commerce sites with successful and user-oriented video animations; definitely stands out from its competitors.

Video Animation in e-Commerce

Video animation, is among the indispensables of e-commerce and e-export platforms like every website. Video animations; in e-commerce sites, it can be used as a banner, flyer or various titles in the headline; although it is deemed necessary in carefully designed e-commerce sites, video animations can also be used in small details such as button structures. While video animations come to the fore as an effective tool of the user interface on e-commerce sites, they also affect the marketing of the product. In the product marketing leg; the use of specially selected or prepared video animations will bring the product to the fore. Video animation needs to be prepared professionally as a title that needs to be examined with all the details in e-commerce. In e-commerce, animations also play an effective role in promoting products and services. Video animations can be used to promote products as well as to highlight the company itself. The video animations used in the promotion of the company can be prepared in various formats and shown to users in various places. The place where the video animations will be shown as well as the preparation should be determined by the professionals.

Making Professional Video Animation

Professional video animations are made by going through difficult and long stages. While it is important to use technical parts and programs during the making process of animations, the real success of video animations stems from creativity. Video animations can be made using ready-to-use animation templates, as well as video animations can be edited with some professional programs. Understanding the purpose and target audience of video animation is the first step in making online animation for e-commerce sites. The completion of the professional editing of the video animation, whose aims and target audience are understood correctly, should be carried out by experts in the field. Making process of correct video animations requires cooperative work, experience and creativity. Attention should also be paid to the followings for making an effective video animation:

  • Colours
  • Flow rate
  • Content
  • With sound and image harmony
  • Presentation of the product or service to be positioned in the foreground.

The video animations to be found on the e-commerce site come out of professional hands, bringing a better user experience than competing e-commerce sites. Moreover, it becomes easier to promote the product and spread the promotional video to wider audiences with shares.

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