Owning a private e-export site or creating a private e-commerce site is the first step to start your online business journey. Although it is possible to sell through the marketplaces without the need for a website, it is necessary to have a website in line with corporate identity, trust and benefiting from some government incentives. The importance of a well-optimized, well-designed up-to-date website for exporting or selling online is great. Moreover, the website should be visible to the search engine and the user experience should be improved. Corporate identity work for the website and, as a result, logo, company name, brand name, information about the institution, vision and mission studies are gaining importance. The subject of web design, which should not be seen as just a visual design, cannot give the desired result if it is not handled as a comprehensive project that includes more than one subject. Well, what are the important issues about e-export website design; Let’s see them together…

Is Website Just an Image?

It is difficult to grasp the trends of the digital world and keep up to date with the latest. For those accustomed to more traditional forms, a website can be just a designed image. However, a site designed with this point of view is extremely inadequate for doing business. Just as a high school student does not build the multi-storey store complex on the busiest street of the city; if you are working with a team of experts ranging from architects to graphic designers, from decorators to engineers, from operators to managers, you need the same professional support for a commercial website. Because this website will reflect your brand identity, corporate culture and the characteristics of your trade. On this website, your products will be listed and the user will create an order to buy the product by his/her own likes. In that case, multiple issues such as the appearance, functioning, security, user experience success of your website, visibility to search engines, mobile compatibility, and language options are important on their own.

When an e-commerce investment decision is made, the design process becomes one of the most concrete business items. The design phase, which starts at the end of all analyzes and evaluations, is very important for the construction of the process from beginning to end. The design process, which has a great importance in the establishment of e-commerce site, e-tourism site, e-export site and the integration of the site with different structures, is handled together with more than one technical subject. So, what should be considered in e-commerce website design?

How e-Commerce Site Design Should Be?

The points to be considered in the website design, which was created to reach large audiences, give confidence to the user, and ensure payment and order tracking, can be summarized as follows:

  • Simplicity

Simplicity is important in e-commerce site and also other blog structures. A simple design allows the user to find what they are looking for easily and to have confidence in the site. Fast flow and practical use should be the main focus in web design.

  • Design Features

A trendy look is also important in website design. Here, visual perception features such as choosing suitable colors for the brand identity, colors that give more confidence, and correct font should also be taken into consideration. Decisions such as fonts, font colors, colors of the site, location of the logo, category titles and the location of other tools should be made with care.

  • Flowing Design

It should be easy to move from one page to another. All technical details for website flow and speed should be designed with a focus on being practical. The necessary infrastructure should be provided for the website to be fast and fluent.

  • Content

Although the content is not directly related to the site design, the link of the content with the site appearance and flow should be considered. A design suitable for opening up new spaces for content must be built from the start. The search bar must be visible and functional. How the visual and text content will be positioned should be shaped according to the needs of the commercial activity in question.

  • Payment Page

A secure payment process is invaluable for online shopping. For this reason, the online payment page should be simple, clear and in a structure that finds what you are looking for.

  • Mobile Compatibility / Responsivity

Responsive web design is very important today. Because the vast majority of internet users have a mobile experience. Such as ordering over the phone, purchasing products over the phone, making a reservation over the phone, viewing blogs or sites over the phone. Then, your website should also be easy to view on the mobile phone screen. E-export mobile compatible website design or e-commerce responsive website design issues should be considered in the design.

During the design process, HTML5, UX / UI and video animation topics should also be considered in the right way. For this purpose, it is important to move forward with a team that has experience in both the creative process and its aftermath and that will constantly support and improve the work done. In order to get results, it is necessary to decide in favor of a study that comprehensively evaluates the whole process in a search such as e-export site design price.

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