Magento, one of the platforms that offers e-commerce services with ready-made software packages, has been supporting e-commerce platforms since 2008. Magento, which emerged as an open source e-commerce software, has a very effective e-commerce foundation today. Magento, which is developing day by day with the help of its investors, including the world-famous e-commerce store e-bay, helps to design hundreds of thousands of online sites today. Declaring that more than 155 billion dollars worth of products are sold through Magento, the officials add that this turnover is constantly increasing. The answer to the question of what is Magento can be given as a simple, effective and interesting e-commerce platform software.

Use of Magento e-Commerce Software

In order to set up the Magento e-commerce software, a simple interface may not be sufficient as in other package e-commerce platforms. In order to create an e-commerce site using Magento software, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of MySQL database and PHP programming language. Since Magento is open source software, it also allows developers to create various enhancements and plugins. In other words, if you have the necessary programming knowledge, you can use the plugins you wrote while designing the e-commerce site via Magento.

Magento Set-Up

For the installation of the Magento e-commerce site, a web server running on the Linux operating system will be needed first. Before we do the Magento login process, we need to transfer the necessary codes to our site to use Magento. To complete the Magento setup, you can follow the Magento tutorial to complete the setup of the e-commerce site. Since using the Magento software will require programming knowledge as well as the basics of the e-commerce site, getting professional help both speeds up the process and prevents errors. In order to create e-commerce platforms with Magento; the domain name, hosting and server services must be pre-arranged and prepared. Getting help for hosting services, which has a great importance in e-commerce, also makes the process very easy. After completing the installation, with the necessary changes, in-store, retail or order-based sales can be made on Magento as well as e-commerce.

What are the Advantages of Building a Magento e-Commerce Site?

Magento is one of the ready-made e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Magento, which is used to open an e-commerce store or set up an e-commerce site, has a very widespread user network. Magento, ready-made and open source e-commerce software, is preferred by both professionals and amateurs. For those who are thinking about which ready-made e-commerce site platform to use, let’s list the advantages of this open source platform:

Advantages of setting up an e-commerce site with Magento:

  • Ability to provide flexibility with its open source structure,
  • Offering an economical option with its free version,
  • Creating the base of many e-commerce sites around the world in a secure way,

The main thing to know here is the expert support you will get when deciding which platforms to choose such as Magento, Shopify or Woocommerce. Open source platforms with the support of software developers will provide you with a more flexible, that is, developable ground in the long run. However, it’s also easier to use closed-source options like Shopify. As ihracat.in team, we believe in the importance of providing continuous support for installation and after, and we constantly follow the process for successful results.


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