Creating a store on a ready-made e-commerce platform is becoming more popular. In order to meet this need, new ready-made e-commerce store packages are developed every day. For these software, where user experience is the main source of success, Shopify stands out. Standing out as an easy e-commerce store opening option, Shopify has a portfolio ranging from amateurs to export giants. How to create a store in Shopify and why Shopify?

Creating a Store in Shopify

E-commerce platforms can be prepared using basic internet software, or they can be created through ready-made e-commerce platforms that are widely used in the world. Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce software, stands out with its simpler interface and ease of use compared to its competitors. This attracts people who are looking for a ready-made e-commerce site application. It is not difficult to set up Shopify and set up a site with Shopify, but here, the difference of experience and expertise is clear.

The answer to the question of “what is Shopify” can be given as a cloud-based e-commerce software. With Shopify, e-commerce sites can be opened, products can be added or removed, and e-commerce stores can be managed.

e-Commerce Basics with Shopify

Shopify, a Canadian-based software company, according to May 2021 data, serves more than 1.7 million businesses in 175 countries. Shopify also provides infrastructure services to many corporate e-commerce platforms in the Turkish market. Shopify has significant advantages, especially when it comes to adjusting and presenting basic e-commerce components. To create an e-commerce platform in Shopify, you need to create a membership and purchase the appropriate Shopify packages. Shopify, which is a paid platform, also requires payment for various add-ons. Although the preparation and management of the website in Shopify does not require programming knowledge, in order to prepare a successful e-commerce site, it is necessary to organize professional SEO content, create images that highlight the products, and ergonomically organize the user interface on the website. Shopify uses a cloud-based programming language identified as Liquid. With its cloud-based structure, Shopify can be accessed from any device.

Is Creating a Store Free on Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian off-the-shelf e-commerce server. It receives payment for its service, divided into categories. So, creating a store on Shopify is not free. Ihracat.in is an official partner of Shopify. There are experts in Shopify in the ihracat.in team and they will effectively implement your e-commerce site in a few days and deliver it to you. They also provide continuous support for the use of your virtual store after providing all the installation processes and design implementation. Here, topics such as basic setup, logo application, application of the right colors, theme language, product introduction, SEO optimization and SEO settings, virtual pos application and tracking, slider and banner designs and their application to the site are provided on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopify

Although it offers the executives the opportunity to edit quickly with its simple and easy-to-use interface and administration panel, Shopify also has some disadvantages. In order to use the desired theme and features on Shopify, separate add-ons must be purchased and additional charges are made for these add-ons. Although the plugin support is wide, the arrangements to be made with Shopify may be limited. Limited editing possibilities can cause the website to become uncreative. Although there are more than 70 different payment options available today with Shopify, payment opportunities in our country are limited as these payment options include banks and payment terms spread all over the world. Before becoming a member of Shopify, payment options should be researched. The main advantages of Shopify can be listed below:

  • Accessibility from all internet browsers and mobile platforms,
  • Easy to control with its simple interface
  • Fewer software errors

There are some disadvantages of Shopify. Here are some of these:

  • Inability to contain all the necessary features for e-commerce,
  • Extra charges of add-ons

Getting professional support for the success of e-commerce sites with Shopify will ensure that the disadvantages are not easily eliminated.

Let the Shopify Store Creating to Us!

Although it seems very easy to create and manage a store through platforms like Shopify, there are a number of professional tasks that need to be done in the background. The result of an amateurish e-commerce store will not be the same as the result of a professionally prepared store. Topics such as basic SEO settings, suitability of design to brand fiction, content; requires expertise and experience. About that, you can get support from ihracat.in Shopify team.

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