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digital marketing

Digital marketing covers the advertising of presence in the digital channels. We call digital marketing the promotional activities carried out in the digital environment to promote the product or service offered by a brand, or sometimes just the brand itself (such as famous people). With an effective digital marketing, it is possible to exist in the online environment and as a result, it is possible to get successful results in product or service sales. So, how to do digital marketing effectively and what are the digital marketing elements?

How should Digital Marketing be in e-Commerce?

In e-tourism, e-export and e-commerce, digital marketing is done with objectives such as providing brand awareness, promoting products and services, and increasing sales. Digital marketing has a great expressive value to emphasize the mission of the brand, to introduce the brand vision to the masses, to connect with the user, as well as to explain the features, advantages and use of the product and service. With an effective digital marketing management, positive results can be obtained in a short time and the process is completely measurable. This is exactly why digital marketing investments are result-oriented. Digital marketing is an expertise work. It requires technical knowledge, vision and artistic vision. It is also teamwork. For this reason, digital marketing must be done with the support of experts and the results must be constantly measured. It is possible to summarize the points to be considered while doing digital marketing as follows:

  • Brand Identity Work

A brand identity work should be done for the brand’s stance in its existing online channels.

  • Brand-appropriate Design

Design, content and interaction should be provided in accordance with the brand identity.

  • Creating Social Media Channels

The digital presence of the brand should be moved to new platforms in a controlled manner, and there should not be an idle profile on any digital platform.

  • Regular Sharing Plan

Regular social media posts should be made, and the expectations and needs of the target audience should be taken into account.

  • Creating a Blog

Information content related to the subject should be presented as well as product or service promotion.

  • Creating Quality Content

In digital marketing, content should be treated very meticulously, and this job should not be left to people who do not have content production expertise.

  • Creating Visual Content

Digital marketing contents should be evaluated in the form of texts, images, videos and graphics, and original, target-oriented studies should be done for all of them.

  • Influencer and Blogger Collaborations

Influencer marketing should be worked on and strategies that will not harm the brand identity should be worked on.

  • Measurement and Analysis

Content marketing efforts should be constantly measured, and new strategies should be constantly determined through measurement and analysis.

What are the Digital Marketing Tools?

While each of the tools used in digital marketing works with an approach suitable for its own medium, all of them should speak a common language and point to a previously studied brand setup. Before listing these tools, let’s consider the marketing areas:

  • Media Marketing
  • Sectorial Marketing
  • Local/ Ethnic Marketing

Digital Marketing Tools:

  • Social media content/ web content
  • Visual content such as videos, photos, graphics
  • Video animations
  • SEM (search engine marketing)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Social media ads
  • Influencer marketing and blogger collaboration

Digital Marketing Areas:

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
  • Forums
  • Applications and areas where you give ads
  • Website
  • One or more blog linked to the website
  • Other collaborating websites, blogs and channels

For an effective digital marketing, it is necessary to get long-term support from a team of experts in different fields of online marketing and to track the development by constantly measuring the process. With this perspective, we work to support both e-commerce activities within the country and export activities. As ihracat.in, we have a team specialized in digital marketing in e-export. On this axis, we can move forward with a flexible point of view in developing or optimizing content and design suitable for the social structure in different markets. In e-commerce and e-export, we know how to present a wholeness while we handle digital marketing separately on sectoral, ethnic, local and media planning axis.

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