DSP – Demand Side Platform

DSP Demand Side Platform

Digital ads have similar goals to traditional ads, but they work differently from traditional systems in terms of advertising and running. In traditional, radio, television or print advertising; while you can run ads directly by contacting the channel or newspaper, the algorithm works a little differently in digital ads. In an environment with billions of websites and pages, an advertising platform called a demand-side platform is used because it is impractical to reach the sites one by one and run ads with complex algorithms. Although the DSP system consisting of the initials of the English demand side platform words is translated into our language as talep tarafı platformu, it actually refers to a structure that brings together the sites and advertisers who want to serve advertisements. The demand-side platform can be more clearly defined as an environment where both advertisers and media that will run ads meet.

Demand Side Platform – DSP Working Principles

Demand side platform DMPs are shaped to facilitate the selection of advertising channels that suit the needs of advertisers. Advertiser e-commerce or e-marketing platforms may request that their ads appear differently to a specific audience, at certain times, or in certain regions. Demand-side platforms help determine the most effective advertising strategy by blending these requests with algorithms and comparing them with the data they receive from ad publishers. Dsps, which compile digital inventories and data from advertisers to help advertisers, save both time and money.

Demand Side Platform in E-Commerce

In e-commerce marketing and advertising, demand-side platforms prepare the necessary infrastructure to facilitate advertising and reach their goal more easily. The effective use of DSPs by professional teams is one of the factors that directly affects the advertising success of the e-commerce site. The advantages of DSPs can be listed as follows.

  • Many demand-side platforms work with real-time bidding systems. In this way, it paves the way for savings when advertising.
  • With DSPs, advertising entries can be created in different digital media such as mobile media.
  • With demand-side platforms, the performance of ads and their access to the target audience can be controlled and controlled by various algorithms.

DSPs form an important pillar of internet advertising in e-commerce, enabling effective use of ads.

Why Is DSP Planning Needed?

Dsp work clearly facilitates advertisers’ reach to their audiences. This means that easy access to the targeted audience is also a very effective option in reducing costs. Using DSP, advertisers can target the locations and interests of the customer groups they want to reach. They can also set a specific time frame for their ad campaign. With accurate and effective DSP management, you can use your budget efficiently to reach more users and conduct a communication with a higher impact at lower costs. In addition, the use of the DSP platform is also effective for campaigns to create sales or increase sales volume.

DSP Process with ihracat.in

ihracat.in approaches digital marketing in e-commerce and e-export with a holistic approach. It also results in the principle of being useful in DSP in data-driven marketing. This perspective is followed by the success of the marketing processes of many businesses that are growing rapidly throughout the country and opening up to the global market.

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