Ethnic Marketing

Marketing and advertising studies; As it spreads from general to private, it reaches a more niche audience and can give more results. According to many communication experts, the first rule of the success of marketing activities is target audience analysis. Ethnic marketing can be defined as activities that address cultural and regional differences in marketing studies and consumption habits arising from these differences. Cultural values and language play an active role in the faster transportation of companies to their potential customers. The answer to the question of what is ethnic marketing can be given as a form of marketing that directly addresses groups that differ in terms of race, culture, language and so on within all these contexts.

e-Commerce in Ethnic Marketing

One of the principles of ethnic marketing; to establish marketing strategies specific to culturally or ethnically segregated audiences and to deliver them to the target audience in time. In ethnic marketing, the fact that materials that appeal to certain audiences are not shown to other groups is again one of the important points for success. The presentation of materials for an audience which is prepared only for themselves becomes more possible thanks to the internet. While a television commercial can reach customers from different cultural groups, these cultural groups can be parsed much more easily over the internet than traditional ones. Successful e-commerce platforms, in different countries, regions, even cities; they can reach their target audience more successfully using customized ads and product promotions. The separation of an e-commerce site by location, supported by different algorithms, will facilitate the marketing of the product or service, as well as the automatic detection and implementation of different language options will improve the user experience.

Ethnic Digital Marketing in Our Country and around the World

Within the framework of ethnic marketing, in the past, it was especially differentiated on the basis of language, choosing the way to reach various cultural circles of society with different materials. Exporting businesses were working on marketing strategies in accordance with the language of the market they identified. In today’s world, ethnic marketing can be done using a wide variety of algorithms with the spread of the internet and e-commerce. Digital marketing can be done with not only language differences but much more in mind. Thus, successful results are obtained in connecting with the target audience, ensuring brand awareness, ensuring that the brand is trusted and being a recognized and desired option in the target market.

  • One of the most common examples of ethnic marketing is advertising products in the Spanish language that appeal to Chicanos in the United States. To list the characteristics of ethnic marketing:
  • Ethnic marketing is based on language differences. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out language studies specific to the targeted markets. Here, it is important to be able to meet other languages from the website and to be able to present content in related languages on social media and other media. In addition, language factor is taken into account in search engine optimization and ad targeting.
  • A successful ethnic digital marketing strategy focuses on cultural differences. It collaborates with content, advertising, brand editing, influencer or blogger, knowing that what is accepted in one culture will not be accepted in the other.
  • If audiences outside the selected audience are reached in ethnic marketing, the effectiveness of ethnic marketing activities is lost. It is understood that there is a good target focus here and no good optimization on its axis.
  • Negative results may occur when the wrong target audience is reached while ethnic marketing studies are being carried out.

ihracat.in for Ethnic Marketing in e-export!

ihracat.in cares about analyzing for the purpose of ethnic marketing strategy. It draws a marketing strategy in light of this by obtaining valuable analyses through data mining and search engine data for the target market. It continuously measures and reports the results of this ethnic digital marketing strategy. It develops different areas of digital marketing such as media planning, sectoral digital marketing and local marketing in fiction that will deliver the same message in an integrated way.

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