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local digital marketing

Local marketing strategies are very valuable for local businesses. In addition, for businesses that address a specific market, it is possible to get results by shortcut with digital local marketing. It’s also possible to develop great business ideas precise to the specific market using data that analyzes local behaviors shared by Google, or to expose your product or service for more sales in the market. So, what is the benefit of determining a local marketing strategy, how to do local marketing, and what is local digital marketing?

What is Local Digital Marketing?

Today, many businesses are researching local marketing to focus on their goals for e-export and e-commerce. In order to gain brand awareness in a particular location and to receive more online orders, it is necessary to take advantage of the benefits of local digital marketing.  So, what does local digital marketing mean?

There is no overall target audience here. In other words, it is not for everyone who has access to the internet, but for people in the vicinity of your business to set a communication strategy. It is an excellent marketing form especially for businesses serving home with online ordering such as restaurants, cafes, bakeries, kiosks, grocery stores.

Local digital marketing is the name given to the marketing activities of the business providing goods or services in the digital environment to the regions located nearby. Thanks to locating and GPS services that have evolved in recent years and are integrated in many areas of our lives, pairing of customers and suppliers in a particular region can be achieved more quickly in digital media. With the efficiency obtained from local marketing activities, both logistics costs are reduced and faster access can be provided to the customer base. The answer to the question of what is local marketing can be called marketing activities for the customer profile in the immediate vicinity of the enterprise.

The Importance of Local Digital Marketing 

Local digital marketing can be projected as companies contacting customers closer to them using the infrastructure of today’s technology. Local digital marketing activities can be diversified by supporting local advertising activities given to the target audience selected by the internet. Today, audience analysis can be done in advertisements placed on the internet, as well as field restrictions. Professional digital marketing teams can arrange field-specific marketing activities with local e-commerce activities as well as local advertising activities. Local digital marketing can develop marketing activities specific to the culture, values and sensitivities of customers in an area; it can also be used to get ahead of competitors in a specific area.

Advantages of Local Digital Marketing

Local digital marketing is primarily the goods and services offered by the company; it ensures that the company is delivered faster and more economically than the center it provides services to. Especially considering that cargo transportation is important in e-commerce activities and logistics expenses are an important item; it will reduce the costs of companies reaching customers in their immediate vicinity first. Local digital marketing reduces logistics costs and increases turnovers. Another advantage of local digital marketing is that it offers a narrower audience the opportunity to advertise and promote more effectively. Local digital marketing activities also enable customers to reach the company faster.

To effectively perform local digital marketing, it is necessary:

  • To have an effective and experienced team in digital marketing
  • To have knowledge about the sensitivities of the field where marketing will be made
  • To be able to determine the area where digital marketing will be performed
  • To know the competitors in the local market well.

How to Make Local Digital Marketing to e-Commerce?

Local digital marketing in e-commerce is a specialty business and a more comprehensive business than you think. However, let’s list some highlights when local digital marketing for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and grocery stores with a simple approach:

  • It is necessary to limit the target audience. You can do this by selecting a specific region. For example, people over the age of 20 who live in Izmir Bornova are under 60 years old.
  • Research should be done on the characteristics of the target audience such as age, gender, education, profession, lifestyle. Accordingly, a promotional language should be selected and digital marketing fiction should be provided.
  • It is essential to learn the media usage habits of the target audience. Accordingly, it is important to advertise or conduct content studies in the relevant medium.
  • You need to be present in the search engine mapping system.
  • Joining regional communities on social media is important to be noticed. 
  • To create locally targeted ads are also important.

We make an effective Local Digital Marketing Strategy!

Especially during the pandemic period, the takeaway service of local enterprises came to the fore. Local digital marketing was decisive in the competition here. Highly effective results were obtained with strategies to advertise the right words with the right targets, to get to know the audience and to use the right medium. As ihracat.in, we work with a team that masters local digital marketing trends and achieve successful results.

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