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media planning

You have a product that you want to sell in a certain market and you know that you can make it preferable to your competitors with its prominent feature, but you do not know how to explain this feature to the people in your target market. Then, you need professional media planning strategy. So, what is media planning?

What is Media Planning?

It has been discovered in every field from science to art, from education to agriculture; in every area that is analyzed, observed and an action plan is made and applied, there is improvement. The development and growth of an e-commerce store or e-export company, reaching high sales volume and brand awareness is possible with analysis – observation – action plan. For e-commerce and e-export businesses that set out to sell on the internet, we can summarize this process with the term media planning work. The success in planning how and with what tools you will use digital media to convey a message to the target audience directly affects the success of sales. After determining the purpose of marketing and advertising, the process of preparing a media plan begins. The target audience, the desired message, how the message can be delivered in the most effective way and the desired result are the main determinants. Now, let’s open the media planning topic a little and explain why media planning is necessary in e-export…

Media Planning in e-Commerce and e-Export

Media planning is actually a very old concept. However, it came to the fore again as a form of methods that were rediscovered with new aspects and expanded in digital marketing. Media planning is defined as determining a strategy for the media tools that brands use to convey their messages about products, services or brand identities. Determining the target audience is the most important and the first step of the process. Media planning, which we will see as an ongoing process with the selection of channels suitable for the audience and the determination of the content to be included in these channels, is very important for a successful digital marketing.

How is Media Planning Done?

Artistic vision also comes to the fore in media planning, which requires a real engineering process, and the projects where the two work together are successful.

  • Determining the Media Channel

The most ideal media channel is selected within the framework of the plan created in line with advertising and marketing purposes.

  • Analyzing Targeted Audience

The behavior of the targeted audience in the preferred media channel is analyzed.

  • Determining Strategy

A strategy suitable for the audience and the media channel in question is determined.

  • Planning a Budget

Planning a budget is made for advertising, promotion, development issues and content.

  • Designing and Editing

Advertising, content and message are designed according to the determined strategy.

  • Measuring the Success of the Media Planning

Measurement and evaluation are made so that website click-through rates, the number of potential customers registered to the site, e-mail clicks and as a result of all these, sales input changes are monitored during the campaign process. In this way, the success of media planning and digital marketing can be measured.

What are the Advantages of Media Planning?

Advertising communication without media planning often leads to an off-target result. For this reason, a detailed media planning must be done before advertising communication. So, what advantages does media planning offer?

  • It provides a clear view of the data to reach the target audience.
  • It offers the opportunity to reach the target audience with the optimum budget.
  • With media professionals and expert strategies, the advertising message can be conveyed to the most focused target audience.
  • Measurability of the process guides for new advertising campaigns and new marketing targets.
  • It provides a permanent awareness because a study is carried out specifically for the target audience.
  • Provides important data for future digital marketing projects.

Channel / Media Selection in Media Planning

You can announce the message you want to convey on television, radio, application ads, social media, billboards, influencer channels. You can allocate a budget for all of them, or you can get pinpoint results by choosing the ones that suit your target audience. This is where media planning expertise comes in. By learning the habits of your target audience, investing in the right channel for advertising / promotion / content will enable you to deliver the message and have an impact on the audience. Here are the following details to consider:

  • Media habit of the target audience
  • Features of the product / service
  • The way the channel processes messages

Media planning can be successful with a number of business items such as integrated marketing communication, competitor analysis, environmental impact analysis, target audience behavior and trends analysis. It is important to get media planning support before digital marketing from a team that has experience in different sectors in media planning and has sociology knowledge. How we do media planning as the ihracat.in team: Let’s explain step by step:

  • We analyze the situation
  • We determine the marketing strategy. Here, we determine the targeted media area, media strategy, media class, media tools and audience.
  • We are preparing a creative strategy plan

We start to work…

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