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Concepts such as performance marketing, digital marketing, media planning; important for all e-commerce formations that want to be visible in today’s world. E-commerce is divided into the main categories such as e-tourism and e-export. The online version of the trade that reaches or remains within the border is very attractive with the comfort of being independent of the physical conditions it offers. On the other hand, as in our country, there are other reasons that make this area attractive, such as government incentives in e-commerce and government incentives in e-exports. While e-commerce is attractive, there is a need for effective digital marketing and digital process management, as well as the criteria that apply to general trading rules, to succeed. On this axis, the concepts such as performance marketing, digital marketing and media planning that we mentioned above are gaining importance.

It is important to look at the starting point of the need for digital marketing here, to understand its necessity. Institutions, brands and celebrities also want to exist in digital environments where the masses spend time. In this asset race, it is desirable to be the most popular, to get the most traffic and to be the one who makes the most sales. One of the most important parts of digital marketing is performance marketing. Performance marketing stands out in terms of being based on metrics, requiring strategy determination and measurable how successful it is. So, what does performance marketing mean and how is it done?

What is Performance Marketing?

It is a marketing structure that covers all advertising works carried out on digital channels at once. Here, measurement is made and according to these measurements strategy is determined. Step-by-step measurement is done for many details such as the scope of measurement, site traffic, number of stays on the site/page, number of return to shopping from the checkout page/rate of how much visitors come from, success of social media ads and search engine ads, success of content.

It takes expertise to market performance to the target audience with innovative approaches. It is impossible to get point-by-point results with little budget unless you are experienced in this field and experience different areas of digital marketing. The data-driven approach requires a way of working, including result-oriented strategy development using technology, and campaign management. Arrival page optimizations and A/B testing applications to improve the performance of campaign arrival pages are also important parts of the process, and they all require expertise individually. It is necessary to get performance management support from a team that specializes in all these topics.

How is Performance Marketing Done?

In this marketing technique, where measurement is essential, the efficiency you obtain from your marketing work is clearly reported.  Since the purpose of performance marketing is to increase the return on investment, revenue-oriented results are requested. It has a strategy focused on getting immediate results, not in the long run. Although the risk rate is low, it is important to do it by experts. The jobs within the context of performance marketing can be summarized as follows:

  • Cost-per-click
  • Cost per Lead
  • Cost per view
  • Cost per action

The purpose of performance marketing is to achieve clear results such as attracting traffic to the site, selling, filling out forms, increasing subscriptions, increasing membership. Performance marketing uses the following tools to achieve these goals:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • GDN
  • Social Media Ads
  • Remarketing
  • User Experience Marketing
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Affiliate
  • Buying Programmatic

Topics to Consider in Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is a very nuanced topic that requires expertise, primarily in media planning, SEO, video content development, SEO-compatible content writing, influencer marketing, website design, and more. You can learn about performance marketing by doing research, but successful performance marketing requires management, experience, training and expertise in the subject. So, what are the considerations in performance marketing?

  • Basically, short-term results are achieved through performance marketing. However, it would still be more effective to look at the issue in a comprehensive way and look at long-term results rather than short-term results.
  • In order to achieve instant and fast results, it is necessary not to exaggerate the subject of the demonstration.
  • To increase the efficiency you get from your performance marketing, you need to choose the right KPIs and the right metrics.
  • The quality of content presented in the studies is also very important

ihracat.in Performance Marketing Work

ihracat.in offers e-export and e-commerce solutions in different topics such as market research, data mining, brand building, data management, e-marketplace management, media planning, online sales strategy planning, web design, video animation design, content development and SEO. It produces solutions by adopting an approach where years of experience, experience and innovative approaches are blended with current digital marketing trends. You can also get quality service in terms of performance marketing from the ihracat.in team. You can improve your e-commerce volume with performance-oriented optimizations and reach more people more effectively.

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