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display marketing

Advertising activities carried out over the Internet increase day by day, leaving behind advertising activities in other media in both activity and volume. In advertising over the Internet; In addition to factors such as prominence in search engines, social media advertising, mobile advertising, advertisements can be done effectively with visual stimulus. Marketing and advertising activities are mentioned as “display marketing” in the literature with images on various websites, such as Google, GDM, Yandex, YDN, Yahoo. The answer to the question of what is display marketing can be given on digital platforms as the entire advertising and marketing activities that are visually shown to the user. Display marketing can be done both with advertisements given over the internet and with visual media on the company’s own e-commerce site.

How to do Display Marketing

Display marketing, in other words, display advertising; must be prepared and implemented by professionals in order to achieve marketing objectives. The images prepared for display marketing need to be well prepared in order to highlight the message containing advertising. The objective of the ad must be well determined before display marketing work can be performed. If the goal is to direct it to the site or another medium by click method, it is necessary to give the information that the image can be clicked on openly or confidentially, and if only the advertising image is to be shown, the message should be emphasized. In highlighting the message that should be given; many factors come to the fore, such as the selection of colors, the positioning of texts and images, and the selection of product images if they will be available. It is essential to work with a professional e-commerce team to make visual advertisements or banner ads by mastering all these components.

What is the Importance of Display Ads

Display ads are emerging as one of the first ways to reach the customer in digital advertising. When the user who visits a website sees the images of your company in various parts of the website, they will first be familiar with the company and then they will be able to turn to your product as needed. Here are some of the benefits of accurate display ads:

  • With relatively low costs, the company can be promoted,
  • With visual advertisements, customers can be gained by direct redirecting from other websites to the e-commerce site,
  • The customer who comes to buy a product through advertisements on your own site can be directed to other products and can be made to purchase more products.

What to Look For When Preparing a Display Ad

As mentioned above, display ads are one of the most frequent methods that e-commerce companies or e-export companies use to attract traffic to their sites. Visual boxes appear in different parts of the screen and in different sizes when a user is playing games, reading blog articles, reviewing products from another site, or doing research. These boxes are display ads. E-commerce sites and e-export sites advertise online in this way. However, these paid ads may not always offer the desired success. For a successful display advertising run, it is necessary to pay attention to the following items:

  • Which sites to show on
  • What size to use
  • Color, type color, and typeface
  • Text (to be effective with few words)
  • Visual
  • Message to be sent
  • Setting a goal

Where does Banner Ads appear?

Banner ads can be displayed on each site. But we know that the most successful results are news sites, tv series sites, movie download sites and blog pages. Sports sites can also give successful results in this regard. But showing the ad in an indiscriminate place or just showing it on a site because it is popular and gets a lot of traffic is not a very logical strategy. The channel on which the display ad will appear must be selected to suit the audience. So, how to target banner ads?

How is Targeting made in Display Ads?

  • Demography
  • Placement
  • Area of Interest
  • Advanced targeting
  • Keyword
  • Topic
  • Remarketing

We design successful and target-oriented display ads!

Display ads have to be target-oriented. Each impression and each site must achieve its purpose.

From this point of view, we design impressive display ads. After the target is determined, we decide from image to size, font in color selection by analysis and measurement for display ads that convince the viewer, attract attention and achieve their goal. As ihracat.in, we produce solutions for export and e-commerce sites in terms of display ads. We prefer professional designers for banner ad design and develop strategies to achieve great success from each banner.

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