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influencer marketing

To follow someone, brands or institutions on social media; it can add a vision to life. These social media celebrities have an inspiring influence that gives ideas on things like home décor, food, clothing, travel, raising children. That makes them a necessity for most people. Sometimes there are a lot of social media pages that we follow just because they are fun. Youtubers, travellers, Youtube vloggers and bloggers can be followed by a wide audience for different reasons. Showing your products or services to their followers can give you a great advantage in e-commerce. This need led to the emergence of influencer marketing or influencer collaboration. Well, who is called influencer, what is influencer marketing, how to advertise through influencer… Let’s look at influencer marketing in detail…

What Does Influencer Marketing Mean?

Let’s take a comprehensive look at the answers to questions about what influencer marketing means or what is influencer marketing.  Instagram is a natural marketing method that is planned to send messages to the target audience through people who are followed or watched on social media tools that have reached large audiences such as Youtube. In this natural marketing method, it is necessary to draw a strategy and proceed according to a certain plan. Topics such as setting an audience, ensuring that content is appropriate for the message, and selecting influencers that match brand identity determine influencer marketing success.

Influencers’ Place in Digital Marketing

With the increase of time spent on the Internet, the evolution of both life habits and shopping habits, the term influencer has taken its place in our lives. As a result of the use of influencers, it is called influencer marketing for the target audience to recognize the brand and communicate with the brand. Although there are many different variables in Influencer marketing, you can grow your brand with influencers that have become one of the digital marketing tools. You can use influencer marketing communication in many areas, including e-commerce. Influencers vary by platform and number of followers. What’s important in influencer communication is its followers. This allows you to decide what the impact of influencer marketing communication can be and whether to choose influencer marketing communication for your brand.

What should be considered in influencer selection?

Before starting the influencer marketing communication process, it is important for brands to determine the starting point and where they want to be after communication. This makes it easy to decide on the influencer selection, which is the focus of their communication. When choosing an Influencer, you can check whether the brand value and influencer’s audience are compatible with each other. You can look at the number of followers after the target audience and brand value are compatible. Although follower numbers are criteria in influencer selection, they are not the only criteria. Therefore, when choosing, you can look at the communication ability, narration, speaking style and influence of influencers on their followers. In this way, you can identify the right influencers and other candidates to announce your brand in e-commerce. You can also move on to other steps of the influencer marketing strategy for effective communication after influencer selection.

The following questions and answers are important about the influencer selection in this regard:

  • Working with the Most Popular Influencer!

Which influencer has the most followers? E-commerce or e-export brands approach the issue directly in this way. It is as important to reach the right audience as it is to work with the most followed social media phenomenon. In other words, instead of the most followed phenomenon, it is important to identify the most followed phenomena that are compatible with your brand identity and can give the message you want to give. Therefore, the priority in the selection of influencers should be in the form of one that is suitable for the target audience and brand identity.

  • Influencer Prepares Content Himself/Herself!

How does the influencer introduce the product or how do phenomena describe the service? Do they determine the content themselves in video or visual communication? Here, it is appropriate to adopt an effective digital marketing strategy approach and work clearly for the content that the influencer will prepare. The topics of what you want to emphasize and what you prefer to stand out should be clear. However, it is also important to respect the style of the channel in question when it comes to the way it is narrated or shared. After all, he/she is being followed because of the style in question…

  • YouTuber/Instagram Phenomena?

Which social media platform do you need to choose from? Youtubers or instagram influencers? Here, too, your target audience’s social media usage habits gain importance. Facebook can be a good medium for your message, for example, aimed at retirees over the age of 55. You should make this decision not with general information, but with data analysis and social media user analytics.

Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing strategies vary according to the sector, brand identity, target audience and the purpose of the brand. You can draw what you want before you start an influencer marketing strategy. You can answer the following questions for this.

  • Who’s your target audience?
  • What are the expectations of your target audience?
  • What are the social media platforms that the target audience frequently uses?
  • What is the purpose of applying influencer marketing communication?
  • What is the brand’s expectation after the use of an influencer?

Among the questions about influencer marketing is the question of whether using influencers is the right choice. What comes into play here is who you are, why you want influencer usage, and which influencer you want to work with. Because with influencers, you can get the opportunity to introduce your brand to your potential customers.

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