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mobile marketing

You can surf the internet via mobile devices in the hustle and bustle of the day. Thanks to your phone, you can do research as well as actively use social media platforms. You can book your rental with your smartphone, rent a car, follow what you find suitable from rental homes, order for your winter wardrobe or create an order for dinner. It’s great to be able to organize all this with just a device! The comfort of solving many jobs with mobile access is valuable to the individual user. On the other hand, it is important for companies to be able to compete in this field. Efficiency is very difficult for an e-commerce site without a mobile compatibility website, mobile application.  Mobile marketing tools need to be used effectively for mobile compatibility and competition in mobile. So, what is mobile marketing and how is it done? In what ways is it distinguished from other digital marketing tools and methods? We have shed light on the issue for those who want to use mobile marketing effectively for the e-commerce business.

What is Mobile Marketing?

What does mobile marketing mean; let’s start by answering the question. Mobile marketing covers mobile devices. Therefore, users of smartphones, tablets and other similar devices are the target areas of mobile marketing. When using such devices, website content includes messages sent via email, SMS and MMS, social media or mobile apps. Mobile marketing is a multichannel online marketing technique that is located within digital marketing.

We cover how a website looks on devices such as smartphones and tablets, and the technical studies and content prepared on the axis of application or advertising options in these areas, and audience analysis within the scope of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing components include sms, mms, push notifications, website, email, social media. Thanks to mobile marketing channels, you can reach your target audience at any time. Mobile marketing communication is an effective tool for communicating with people who use mobile devices. In order to achieve successful results in mobile marketing, you can design your content to suit mobile devices. What makes mobile marketing so important is that 80% of users who actively browse the internet have a mobile device. The fact that mobile device usage is so high also makes mobile marketing communication valuable. So, what are the advantages of effective mobile marketing?  What advantages does mobile marketing offer in e-commerce? In general, let’s look at the answer to this question:

  • Access
  • Personalization
  • Instant Interaction
  • Mobile Transport of e-commerce
  • Budget Advantage
  • Customer Satisfaction

If you use mobile marketing channels well, you can increase brand awareness with the above benefits. 

Mobile Apps

You can contribute to brands with mobile marketing applications or you can increase your e-commerce volume. Although mms and sms are among the mobile applications, push notifications are one of the most preferred applications. You can interact directly with your audience with push notifications. You can add reminders, promotional messages, or personalized messages to push notification examples. With push notifications, you can remind your audience of yourself and call for action to shop around. You can also add a custom app to your e-commerce site to mobile marketing applications. With your e-commerce application, you can prepare tailored campaigns for your customers by improving customer experiences.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

With mobile marketing strategies, you can create an active interaction between the brand and your customers. For this, you can create mobile custom advertising strategies or use app, QR code, sms and mms. In addition, you can develop a geolocation strategy in mobile marketing. Thus, you can bring mobility to your sales with strategies that can be used by users within a certain area. As with other communication strategies in mobile marketing strategies, you can generate ads for your audience. The goal here is to take the first step to attract the target audience and turn it into a potential customer through your ad. Now, let’s take them one by one:

Text Marketing

Many brands use this method in e-commerce. It’s even almost as old a marketing method as when the first mobile devices were launched. Today, however, in the field of data mining, much more point-to-point text messaging is marketed thanks to much more detailed and comprehensive data. It is not difficult to achieve very clear success with low budget with messages transmitted directly to the target audience. Creating the content of the message and identifying the target audience is his specialty. Sending campaign messages to potential customers is even one of the most effective marketing campaigns.

Location Based Advertising Display

Location-based mobile marketing or location-based advertising is also a very popular and effective method. In the location-based mobile marketing method, the user sees the advertising content when they come near the relevant store or restaurant. It is known that very successful results are achieved with geotargeted advertising.

QR Code Method

The QR code method is also an effective mobile marketing option. After reading a code, consumers are often offered a website and an app.

Mobile Compatible Website

It’s actually more of a necessity than a marketing method. Because it is very difficult for websites that are not mobile compatible to achieve successful results. So, what does a mobile-friendly website mean? The interface of the business website should be designed with the user experience in mind on all devices. If such a design exists, the definition of responsive or mobile compatible site is made for this site. Having a responsive site in e-commerce means that the user can easily order from mobile devices such as their smartphone, booking easily. 

Mobile Marketing and Ihracat.in!

Social media and search engine advertising, such as mobile compatible websites in commerce, can offer very successful results when done by reducing it to mobile devices. In addition, techniques such as location-based advertising display and text message marketing are effective tools of mobile marketing. ihracat.in uses analytics and data mining to provide the best solution using all these tools in the most effective way. By processing the data, it first sets a target and then prepares a mobile marketing strategy that is suitable for the target.

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