It is important that your site is visible in online commercial activities such as e-commerce, e-tourism, e-exports and as a result, the number of members, sales rate, form filling or quantity of accession increase. To achieve these goals, you need to be visible in the search engine. So, what should you do to show your site in searches with words that evoke your product or service to the search engine, or to appear on the first page or even in the top three? The answer to this question can be given in the form of effective and comprehensive digital marketing management with a general approach. However, digital marketing is divided into different specialties such as SEO, SEM, performance marketing media planning, industry marketing, local marketing, analysis and measurement, and content. One of the most effective solutions among these is SEM, the search engine marketing. So, what is SEM and what is it for?

What is SEM and What Does SEM Do?

Translated into Turkish ‘Arama motoru pazarlaması’, SEM is an acronym and digital marketing term consisting of the initials of the English words Search Engine Marketing.  Today, it is one of the most effective tools in the field of digital marketing.  With SEM, it is possible to change the position of websites on search engine results pages. It consists of two stages in the form of paid placement and paid participation. In some sources, SEO, i.e., search engine optimization, is also positioned within the SEM. 

With search engine marketing, you can pave the way for your e-commerce site to be visible. With SEM, one of the marketing performance tools, you can show your site at the top of search engines. Of course, in both e-export and e-commerce, the priority display of the site by the search engine or operating system is very valuable. This affects both sales and brand awareness.

Search Engines and SEM Tools

One of the most preferred tools in the SEM is, of course, Google, which is the most popular search engine.  However, SEM can be done for different search engines such as Yandex, Yahoo, Bing. Let’s also review the search engines or the current list of search engines that have been studied by SEM.

  • Google

Founded in California in 1998, it is a U.S.-based search engine that has increasingly become the most powerful information network in the world.

  • Yandex

It is a search engine established in Russia in 2000.

  • Bing

It was founded by Microsoft in 2009.

  • Yahoo

It was founded in California in 1994. He basically continued his journey as a search engine, focusing on different services.

  • iOS

It is a closed source operating system developed by iPhone.

  • Android

It is an open source operating system developed by Google.

  • Baidu

It was developed in China in 1996.

SEM operation is carried out by targeting the operating systems and search engines mentioned above. It is important to focus on the characteristics of these areas here.

SEM Advertising Costs

How much you spend in the SEM process depends on certain criteria. CPC (cost per peck), which means cost per click in search engine marketing, applies. CPC varies depending on the three-prefix variable.

  • How many people want to advertise in the preferred keyword
  • Keyword-specific quotes
  • Competitive status

It takes skill to get the most effective result while minimizing these costs. People who are experts in SEM get effective results by investing in the right words with the right content and visuals.

How to Create a SEM Strategy?

You can follow some steps to be successful in SEM strategy and to achieve the desired results.

  • In the SEM process, competition is based on keywords. In this direction, choosing the keywords searched by the target audience for successful strategy
  • Spending your budget on search engine marketing to get to the top of the search engine page
  • Advertising to users who use search engines to get information in SEM
  • Determination of the target audience to stand out in the SEM process

When you make choices in accordance with the headings above and use your budget correctly, you can come out at the top of the keywords. Among the advantages of SEM, it is important to detail the target audience. This allows you to spend point-by-point ads instead of spending unnecessary ads.

What should be considered to succeed at SEM?

In order to reach your potential customers in e-commerce, you also need to determine your SEM strategy correctly.

  • You can analyze which keywords your audience uses in keyword selections. This allows you to positively impact ad performance because you advertise keywords that your potential customers are looking for.
  • You can use geolocation tags at SEM. For example, if you are a company that sells only in Izmir, you only have to choose Izmir city in SEM strategy. Otherwise, you reach out to the wrong people and mismanage your budget.

SEM and SEO Difference

The SEM method is a digital marketing system. However, it is not a system that depends on organic criteria such as SEO. During the SEM process, you can access your potential customers by advertising using keywords searched by your audience. But instead of simply advertising, you can get effective results by choosing the right words, the right market, the right timing, the right visuals.

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