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What should be the use of social media in e-commerce? What to pay attention to in e-export social media management and e-commerce social media management is of great importance for businesses. Effective social media management is valuable for e-export and e-commerce on both the axis of promotion and sales. ihracat.in works with an expert team in the field for an effective communication language based on research and analysis in social media management. This allows for a big difference in a short time. So, what do social media experts say about e-exports?

Social Media in e-Export and e-Commerce

Born with the need to offer a social life that is basically beyond face-to-face socialization, social media has gradually become a tool that large audiences want to be in. Those who are afraid to communicate face-to-face, those who want to watch the lives of others, and those who are attracted to visual or textual content quickly become members of these platforms to make a presence in social media tools. On the other hand, if everyone was there, the brands should be there. With this approach, over time, social media has become a very powerful and effective promotional platform for brands. Using social media in the right ways has become a big difference for brands both in terms of awareness and sales figures. So, what should be the use of social media in e-commerce or the use of social media in e-commerce so that successful results can be obtained?

How to Work Effectively Social Media?

Today, every business, big and small, has discovered the impact of social media on promoting its own products and services. But is every content shared enough to achieve the goal? How accurate is it to advertise? What should be the return of social media advertising expenditures? The answer to these questions is hidden in professional social media management. This is a very comprehensive matter. It includes a wide range of specialties such as analysis, measurements, corporate identity, brand image, brand editing, budget planning, media planning, content, visual development, collaboration with different channels and pages. However, to make a general summary, it is necessary to take into account the following topics for successful social media work:

  • Find the most effective social media channels for your brand.
  • Set an audience
  • Work on design and content to suit your audience
  • Advertise social media based on your audience
  • Be careful about timing in social media ads
  • Be careful about finding what the user is looking for on the site when you redirect from social media to your site.
  • Don’t disturb users with too much sharing
  • Share content that will deliver benefits

Research on social media suggests that people spend an average of seven hours online, most of which is social media. As the research shows, social media, which is a part of our lives, is also an important tool of marketing communication. The most popular social media apps;

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter 
  • Linkedin
  • OK.RU
  • VK

In addition to applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, it is preferred in OK.RU and VK as Russian social media platforms in our country. The popular use of social media channels by consumers also increases the value of social media channels and advertisements. Brands engaged in e-commerce are powered by the power of social media to ensure their awareness and visibility. In this way, e-commerce brands reach their customers directly.

Social Media Use in e-Commerce

With the correct and timely use of social media methods, e-commerce brands are one step ahead of their competitors. In order to make a difference in social media usage, customers and potential customers need to know what they want.

  • In e-commerce, you can first identify your audience to attract your potential customers.
  • After audience identification, you can set your message to influence your potential customers’ purchasing trends.
  • You can choose which social media channels you should be on with an original and fun image in accordance with the message selection.
  • You can harness the power of data in social media usage. For this, you can analyze the social media content of both yourself and your competitors. As a result of the analytics, you can reach your goal through the right visual and text according to your audience’s interactions.

The Importance of Social Media

You can increase your e-commerce volume as a result of the effective implementation of social media tools. By using social media channels correctly in e-commerce, you can increase customer satisfaction and take firm steps towards becoming the preferred brand. The important thing here is to produce content suitable for your preferred social media channel. For example, if you want to use the VK platform abroad, you need to differentiate it from the visual and message you will use in your own country. Since both social media platforms and the target audiences it addresses are different, you can follow different strategies to add value to your brand. Thus, you can make your difference in e-commerce with the social media strategies you have set up in the media.

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