It is very important to measure, analyze, interpret and set a strategy accordingly. In e-commerce, it is necessary to make decisions with numbers and data, not with intuition. Otherwise, the time, effort and money spent can be wasted. In large investments, this waste is unacceptable. Improving the shopping experience of the masses and being visible on the search engine are the two most challenging areas of the road to high sales target. The secret of achieving a higher sales volume in e-commerce and e-export is possible with success in being visible in the search engine and perfecting the user experience. There are multiple actions to be taken for this. All of these processes, which are evaluated within the scope of digital marketing, are shaped by measurement and analysis. The secret of success in e-commerce is to monitor – measure – analyze – determine a strategy according to the results obtained. So, what is e-commerce site measurement and how is it done?

Leverage the Power of Measurement to Succeed in the e-Commerce Industry!

With the acceleration of digital life, e-commerce is increasing its reputation in the business world and in the eyes of consumers day by day. Many questions such as what is e-commerce, how to do e-commerce, what to consider when doing e-commerce, are just some of the questions that both e-commerce makers and those who want to do, want to answer. Here, the measuring head comes into play in order to move forward with firm steps. The e-commerce site measurement title, on the other hand, has different sub-breakdowns within itself. These breakdowns; analytics, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, data visualization, predictive / predictive analytics, and visitor behavior intelligence. You can learn where you are in the world of e-commerce, as well as determine the steps to be taken, through the breakdowns that are effective in successful measurement. In this way, you can develop strategies specific to your company in order to get ahead of your competitors in the e-commerce world. In order to develop in e-commerce and increase your awareness, it is very important to pay attention to the value you add and customer satisfaction in e-commerce, as competitors are important. For this, the breakdowns under the heading of measurement need to be meticulously examined, researched and applied. E.g; Through Google Analytics data, you can find out what your customers or potential customers want, their level of interest or how long they stay on your website. Through this data, you can focus on what you need to improve, strengthen and maintain your website. Another title under the main heading of measurement is Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics serve the same purpose. However, for a successful e-commerce, each measurement tool must be known, correctly analyzed and the analyzed data must be used in the creation of your e-commerce strategy. Thus, while keeping the pulse of e-commerce, you can respond to rapidly changing competition conditions and customer needs. In order to differentiate yourself in the developing and growing e-commerce world, it is very important to know the e-commerce rules and take action accordingly. When you use measurement tools correctly, you can increase your brand awareness and value as well as increase customer satisfaction. Because every tool in e-commerce measurement offers added value in increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Therefore, you can benefit from the power of measurement tools such as data visualization, analytics, forecasting / predictive analysis in developing your e-commerce strategy.

What Does Measurement and Analysis Cover?

For e-commerce sites or e-export sites, the measurement and analysis subject covers the following main items. The right analyzes for the site in these topics are the main reference sources for making the right decision.

  • Analytics
  • Google analytics
  • Adobe analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Forecast-foresight analysis
  • Visitor Behavior Intelligence

How are Analysis and Measurements Made?

Analysis and measurements, which are the main reference for determining strategy for e-commerce site, e-export site, blog page or e-marketplace sites, should be made by experts in this field. Google and most other systems offer user-friendly, easy-to-use analysis tools. However, it is not easy for every user to evaluate, measure or filter data from these tools and turn this data into a strategy. Getting support from people who know the details of the job here will save time. You can get support from the ihracat.in team to get service with a very comprehensive perspective on analysis and measurement.

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