Data Visualization

Data visualization

Recently, research on what is data visualization in e-commerce and what does it do? has become popular. As the lasting effect of communication with data visualization in e-commerce became noticeable, brands started to focus on getting results in this regard. Discovering the usefulness of data visualization, e-commerce sites benefit from the effect of these visuals, especially in social media. So what is data visualization and why is it important?

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is a type of content, also known as data visualization. Data visualization is of great importance, especially for business processes that focus on the graphical representation of data. With data visualization, it becomes easier to understand data. Of course, interpretation also becomes easier. In addition, a more memorable visual is provided for the final state of the data. Because the numbers are forgotten, but the effect of the visual is much more permanent. Data visualization, which is a very efficient and effective way of communicating, also offers a very effective solution in learning processes. Images obtained with data visualization provided by a mapping between original data and graphical elements can sometimes be used for brand, product, service features or frequency of use promotions in social media. In fact, as they were discovered to be very effective, more such content began to be shared.

What Does Data Visualization Do?

Data visualization examples are much needed in the field of digital marketing. Especially for analysts, data visualization examples are very useful helpers. Examining the data you get from the site for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, user behavior analytics or other analytics and metrics can be very complex. Understanding data, giving meaning to them, creating new data using them, and seeing the connection between each other can be quite tiring. Moreover, most data is very difficult to even understand. At this point, data visualization methods can be used to understand and explain. Good examples of this include infographics. infographics or data visualization examples; It is one of the most effective ways to understand and evaluate data.

Be More Visible with Data Visualization in e-Commerce!

Data visualization, or data visualization, is one of the rising trends of recent years. The fact that easy access to information is fast and the possibility of accessing more than one information at the same time increases the importance of data visualization a little more each day. Data visualization, as the name suggests, is the presentation of information to the target audience through visuals. In the data visualization process, the information to be explained or conveyed is transmitted to the other party clearly and directly. Moreover, it is not necessary to read long texts. In order to do this, different tools such as graphics, maps and inographics are preferred. By means of data visualization, information pollution is prevented and what is meant to be explained is presented in a clearer and simpler way. There are some details that need to be considered in order for the data visualization process to be successful. Let’s take a quick look at these:

Considerations While Performing Data Visualization

  • Identifying the target audience (visualized data, to whom will it be shown for what purpose?)
  • Using data visualization tools that will attract the attention of the target audience
  • Understanding the information to be used for data visualization
  • Determining the focal point of the data to be visualized
  • Mastering data visualization trends
  • Ability to link data

New Trend: Data Visualization!

Data visualization is frequently used by different sectors, especially the e-commerce sector. Clarity and convenience are among the reasons for this. You can attract the attention of your target audience with the data visualization method, which enables complex data to be explained directly and easily. Instead of telling the important information your customers need on your e-commerce site, you can tell them with a single image. Thus, you can reach your customers in this period when time is valuable and interest is quickly dispersed. By using the data visualization method, you can directly tell the message you want to give to your customers without wasting time. At the same time, this helps to make your e-commerce site more simple, understandable and user-friendly. In this way, the decision-making time of your customers is shortened and the rate of visiting your e-commerce site increases with its user-friendly structure. In order for the data visualization business to be successful, it is necessary to analyze the target audience correctly. Before starting the data visualization process, you can analyze the target audience.

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