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Most e-commerce entrepreneurs have heard of the concept of Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics?, What does Google Analytics do?, What to do with Google Analytics?, How to do Google Analytics? Let’s open this issue a little on the axis of the questions…

What is Google Analytics?

Behind the works, which are very simply expressed as doing business on the Internet, are a series of analyzes and measurements, software, designs and content developed based on these. All of them are done as part of a strategic planning. As a result of the topics such as how professionally the whole process is managed and whether each work item is done by experts in the field, the target is achieved or not. The success of e-commerce investments is highly related to digital marketing. Before the steps taken and decisions taken here, analysis and measurements are of great importance. Google Analytics is an infrastructure that has a large share in this regard. The success of the Google Analytics work, the good reading of the Google Analytics data, the establishment of the right connections through the Google Analytics data are a clear determinant for success in e-commerce and a shaper for digital marketing.

You can make a detailed analysis of your site with Google Analytics, which is one of the most used tools in the e-commerce world. You need answers to questions such as how to use Google Analytics and what is Google Analytics in order to get the right results with Google Analytics, which is a free tool.

What is Google Analytics and Why is it Important?

Google Analytics can be summarized as doing research to list data and make sense of it, and to manage digital marketing and digital technology development processes according to the results obtained.

About Google Analytics

Knowing how much your customers are interacting with your website is one of the advantages of using Google Analytics.Thanks to the services included in it, you can instantly analyze the visitors of your website as well as prepare comprehensive reports. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can also get information about the dos and don’ts by taking one step ahead of measuring your website traffic. Through Analytics data, you can access details such as the login time of your website visitors and which pages they browse. So you can plan the steps for what you can do to drive more traffic to your e-commerce website. The benefits of using Google Analytics include learning how much your customers interact with your website. It is important to use analytics data during the development of your website, which is the heart of e-commerce. Thus, you can clarify how you will organize the content on your e-commerce website, which channels you will invest in, or which product you will campaign on. How many people log in to your e-commerce site and how long the log in time is helps to measure the quality of the site. Accordingly, you can renew your website in accordance with SEO rules and succeed in appearing to your potential customers with original content. In order to attract more traffic to your e-commerce site, original and useful content is important, as well as you can produce content according to the keywords that potential customers are researching. In short; By looking at Google Analytics data, you can set a strategy and increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction. What to do with Google Analytics data?

What Does Google Analytics Do?

  • You can measure the time spent by your customers on the e-commerce site.
  • With Google Analytics data, you can understand whether your content attracts your potential customers.
  • You can find out if you have a user-friendly website by looking at the number of logins and the time spent on your e-commerce website.
  • In digital advertising processes, you can determine which channels and which keywords you should choose to reach your potential customers.
  • Thanks to Google Analytics reports, you can examine which content or categories attract more attention on the e-commerce site. In this way, you can make some changes in other parts of the e-commerce site to attract the attention of visitors.

The use of Google Analytics, which is part of analysis and measurement, is an important tool to guide you in increasing the success of your website. However, it is also important that experienced analytics experts interpret this tool and determine a strategy for you. So how do Google Analytics experts work? Why is a Google Analytics expert needed?

How Do Google Analytics Experts Work

They look for data on the current performance of the site and the behavior or general preferences of visitors on the site. They categorize the data they obtain. Then, they make comments on the axes, such as the relationship between the data in question and what the data might cause over time. However, this interpretation part is extremely sensitive. It requires mastering all the details. Because an action plan is made or an investment decision is made in line with the comments made by Google Analytics experts. For exactly these reasons, it is necessary to work with Google Analytics experts who are experts in their field and very experienced.

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