Visitor Behavior Intelligence

visitor behavior intelligence

Establishing an e-commerce site and being successful in e-commerce, the first issue that should be known is that establishing an e-commerce site is only a very small part of this job. Because, apart from following the commercial regulations, there is a complicated business network that comes with producing solutions according to the innovations brought by the digital world. Analysis and measurement of user or visitor behavior is a very effective business area in the success of e-commerce site. One of the most effective parts of analysis is the visitor behavior intelligence method. An analyst focusing on this issue categorizes users’ behavior, interprets and predicts, and develops new strategies to expand and facilitate the business process.

Analyzing Customer Behavior with Visitor Behavior Intelligence

Among the secrets of being successful in e-commerce, in addition to product and service quality, there is choosing the right target audience and developing products specific to this audience. You can get support from the power of both measurement tools and analysis in order to choose the right audience and reach your customers with the right message. It is also possible to monitor the behavior of the target audience with visitor behavior intelligence techniques. One of the best examples of this is the pages that search engines bring up about the searched words. With a similar logic, you can measure the behavior of visitors on your e-commerce site. Examining the behavior of the target audience is also important in creating customer satisfaction. Using the visitor behavior intelligence technique, you can get an answer to the question “are the visitors of the website satisfied” or “what are the visitors most interested in”. With Visitor behavior intelligence, you can access the following details and much more. Here, seeing these data and developing a strategy based on them makes a huge difference.

  • Sections of interest to visitors to the website
  • Frequently visited links
  • Information of the most visited days and hours of your e-commerce site

Increasing Traffic and Visitor Behavior Intelligence

By looking at Visitor behavior intelligence data, you can increase your engagement rates as well as gain more traffic to your e-commerce site. You can create your advertising and content strategies according to the most clicked or remarkable areas on the e-commerce site. E.g; You can place an eye-catching visual about the product and service you intend to sell in the area that attracts the most attention. In the same way, you can target to stand out in advertising campaigns by detecting which links your customers come from. Thus, you can easily decide on which platforms you should run your e-commerce campaigns. You can direct your content and campaigns with the information of the days and hours when the e-commerce site is visited the most. You can publish the campaign statuses you will publish on your e-commerce site or your blog content according to the hour and day when you get maximum traffic. Thus, you can increase the rate of your customers being aware of the campaigns and interacting with your content. As a result of Visitor behavior intelligence data, you can easily tell about the behavior of your customers, what details they care about or not. Accordingly, you can manage your e-commerce site more successfully. Additionally, you can make your images more engaging by using user behavior analysis data and the power of heat maps. E.g; You can see at which point or at which point of the image the visitors coming to your e-commerce site are looking. Accordingly, while preparing images, you can make many evaluations from color choices to the location of the texts.

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