Research and Analysis

research and analysis

When starting a new business or building a business, research and analysis is the most important and decisive part of the job. While there is a general market, product, target and competitor analysis here, a similar analysis and research process is experienced in e-commerce. The analyzes that go deeper into the details has a great importance in the development of strategies aimed at the success of e-commerce and e-export. E-commerce investments, which know this and proceed accordingly, and develop business with solutions based on analysis and research, grow. So, what is research and analysis in e-export or e-commerce, or how is it done?

Research and Analysis in e-Commerce and e-Export!

Without research and analysis in e-commerce, it is difficult to maintain the process in a healthy way and achieve profitability. For this reason, before e-tourism, e-export or many product and service-oriented e-commerce initiatives, a comprehensive research process is definitely experienced and the strategy is renewed with continuous analysis and measurement. So, what does research and analysis in e-commerce cover, how is it done and by whom? Let’s take a closer look at research and analysis in e-commerce, which covers topics such as industry analysis, competitor analysis, competition analysis, keyword analysis, product analysis, service analysis…

Research and Analysis in e-Commerce Sites and Digital Marketing

The backbone of the process that starts with the design of an e-commerce site is research. It is possible to get effective results with market research, analysis of the user’s behavior in the market and the strategy developed according to this information. The main questions of the research are:

  • Who are the competitors?
  • What are your competitors’ traffic and conversion rates?
  • What are the characteristics of the audience that is likely to purchase the product or service?
  • What are the online habits of the relevant audience?
  • What are the social media channels and influencers parallel to the e-commerce target?

Based on the answers to these questions, the design, language, images and contents of the website are determined. Then, work begins to gain interaction for this emerging promotional product and to make the site visible. In these works, many parameters such as advertisement setup, search engine optimization, and site integration are made compatible with each other. The results of all parameters are measured and a new strategy is determined according to each measurement.

What do Analysis and Research covers?

Let’s make a summary by looking at what is covered by analysis and research when doing e-commerce or e-export…

  • Market Analysis

It is important to make an analysis on which market the product and service subject to export or e-commerce will see more demand. According to this analysis, the strategy is determined and a marketing plan is made according to the market. If there is a target market from the very beginning, success cannot be expected without determining a strategy according to the expectation, agenda, habits and tendencies of this market.

  • Marketplace Analysis

Online marketplaces offer a comfortable platform for e-commerce startups of all sizes and from all over the world. There is also a strong competition in the marketplaces where products can be added practically, product contents and information about the product are offered, and accessible information about the product provider is shared. For a successful e-commerce or e-export in these marketplaces, it is important to analyze some information about the marketplace.

  • Influencer Marketing Analysis

Blogger and influencer collaborations are important for successful digital marketing in both e-commerce and e-export. However, taking part in every blog or influencer channel would not be a right strategy move. Before influencer marketing, it is necessary to make a comprehensive and detailed analysis and evaluate the behavior of the influencer followers. Thus, the best possible result can be achieved with the budget at hand.

  • GMF

Google Marketing Finder provides very important data for determining the market and developing a strategy according to the market. It is possible to reach the information in which market the target products for export will attract more attention or how they will attract the attention of the target market, with GMF, that is, Google Marketing Finder. Of course, it is easier to get results with people who know this tool well and are experts in interpreting the data it offers.

  • Product Analysis

Issues such as the features of the products, their adequacy in meeting the expectation; are always important in business. However, in addition to these, information such as how the product is searched in which market, which questions it corresponds to, which need it provides, and which brand it has more association with, gains importance when doing business on the internet. Product analysis is very important for strategies such as presenting the features of the product against competitors’ products as a stand-alone product with digital marketing and emphasizing its features that respond to needs.

  • Competitor Analysis

The situation of the competitors or your position against the opponents is always important. However, when it comes to digital competition, competitor analysis takes on a whole new dimension. Topics such as how many competitors’ products and brands are searched for or how many visitors their websites attract are important.

  • Competition analysis

Topics such as your competitive situation, the conditions of competition and what you can change should be analyzed one by one.

  • Keyword Analysis

The analysis of keywords is as decisive for success as the above analysis. Success in the digital media is about being visible. Being visible in the search engine is one of the main goals in e-commerce and e-export. A startup that achieves this goal also achieves the sales success it aims for. In order to be visible, SEM (advertising optimization), social media work, influencer and blogger collaborations and SEO (search engine optimization) should be done. While planning all of these, keyword analyzes are used. Keywords are very important because they show what and how users are searching on Google. The titles, site page and url names, contents and advertisements prepared with these words all together tell Google that the appropriate answer is here. This results in an increase in visitors and sales of products or services.

Expert support must be taken for a result-oriented e-commerce solution with realistic goals based on research and analysis. For this purpose, you can get comprehensive support in analysis and research as ihracat.in.

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