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How important is the right target market choice for a business? For example, how successful can a highly innovative Far Eastern cuisine restaurant be opened in a town in Anatolia? How much business can a beachwear store do in a city where the hottest days of the year are around 20 degrees and not close to the sea or even without a swimming pool? Therefore, it is necessary to find a market according to the product or develop a product according to the market. This is a very simple rule well known in traditional trade. However, the same is true for e-commerce. If you think about what it means to target a market for a product that is already sold on the internet; keep reading…

Why is it Important to Determine the Market in e-Commerce?

When you set out to sell products or services on the internet, that is, to do e-commerce, as a result of certain settings, your website will be accessible from anywhere in the world. However, your website will not stand out in search engine searches from all over the world. It is a very difficult target to have your site on the first page in searches made from all over the world (suitable for your topic), except for very large global e-commerce investments. It’s impossible to deliver anywhere or offer payment terms anyway. However, if you can find the market where the people who will need your product the most live and work specifically on that market, there will be a much more accurate focus. For example, let’s assume that the highest demand for natural sponges, the most precious of which is said to be extracted from our country’s seas, is from Japan. If the Japanese people need natural and high quality sponges, both for traditional reasons and their desire to prefer the natural, and if your e-commerce product is natural sponges hunted in Turkey, your market focus is clear. So why not have a Japanese website, why not have your product descriptions in the marketplaces in both English and Japanese, why not target Japan for social media ads and search engine optimization… So, what do you need to do to find out that that market is the right one? Here, the world’s most preferred search engine, Google, offers businesses a nice tool. With a simple approach, it helps you find the markets that will show the highest demand for your product based on search words from around the world. This tool is called: Google Market Finder. So, what is GMF or what does Google Market Finder mean?

What is Google Market Finder?

What is Google Market Finder? The answer to this question is very important for many e-export, e-commerce, e-tourism entrepreneurs. Research shows that in the near future, there will be almost no people in the world who do not use the internet. If so, all the job opportunities will be ready in our network on the internet. It is very important to look at the analysis of the data provided by the search engine in order to establish the right connections and make the right investments. At this point, one of the easy-to-read analysis is Google Market Finder. It is a great tool for your studies towards the countries where the products or services you offer will be most in demand. You can find new markets or determine a target market with valuable information such as monthly local searches, popular market trends, disposable income per capita, internet user profile.

Let’s take a look at the anwers to the questions of how Google Market Finder works and what are the benefits of it which is the product developed by Google especially for those who want to do international trade and cannot predict the needs of different markets.

What Is Google Market Finder Used For?

e-Commerce companies; Google uses Market Finder to find new opportunities, introduce the business’s product and service to new markets, and make new optimizations. By using this product, you can discover the markets that need your product or service the most, find out which keywords they correspond to in these markets, and learn which words you need to advertise. Of course, it is not limited with that. Let’s take a closer look at the question of what can be done with Google Market Finder?

How Does Google Market Finder Work?

Google is a very large data domain. It continuously stores this data and categorizes it in different verticals or horizontals. Taking advantage of Google’s huge database can make a big difference for almost any business in the online world. With Google Market Finder, it analyzes data such as advertising words, search engine bar searches, costs per click, average search volumes, and provides you with data on which market you can be more successful in or which market you can find new opportunities in.

It is very important to find the market that needs your product and service in order to grow internationally. Advertising and promotion costs to the right market is a factor that will prevent both time and money loss. So, which market will demand your product the most? For the answer to this question, you should use Google Market Finder. Although it is very easy to log in and use the system, getting support from experts in this field in order to evaluate the data and make decisions based on the data will make a big difference.

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