Influencer Marketing Analysis

influencer marketing analysis

We live in a time when shopping trends change very quickly. One of the best ways to be successful in e-commerce is the effective use of digital marketing tools. Considering that there are very large audiences who spend most of the day watching experiences on social media, the importance of the influencer world in e-commerce is understood better. Influencer marketing, which directly affects the behavior and purchasing decisions of the masses, is gaining more and more importance. Influencer marketing is an important and necessary issue, as well as a subject to be considered. E-commerce brands that apply influencer marketing correctly increase their awareness and increase their sales. So, what is Influencer marketing that contributes positively to brands and affects customers’ behavior? How to do the right influencer marketing or which influencer to deal with?

Influencer Marketing in e-Commerce

Let’s start with the question of “what is influencer?”. People who have a large number of followers on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and whose shares are watched many times are called Influencers. The importance of influencers in e-commerce comes from their persuasive influence on their followers. For example; an influencer in the healthy lifestyle category sets an example for his/her followers about what products to eat or how to act. In this way, brands ensure that their target audiences are aware of them through influencers. A makeup blogger can deliver new products to large audiences. Well, which influencer should you agree with and what strategy should you set for your e-commerce site?

Although there are different breakdowns in the influencer marketing analysis process, there are four basic steps.

  • Analysis and Access

Analyzing influencers to represent your brand. The reputation and prestige of the influencers they follow is high in the eyes of social media users. For this reason, it is important to choose the right one for your brand and to determine which target audience to reach.

  • Action

The influencer, who cooperates with the brand, enables her/his followers to learn about the brand, thanks to the action she/he has taken specifically for the brand. Here, the influencer can share their experiences with the brand as well as enable their followers to take action with the brand.

  • Conversion

It is aimed that people who follow the influencer after brand cooperation through influencer marketing prefer the brand. While most of the influencer followers are aware of the brand, some of them start using the brand.

  • Impression Stage

It is aimed to increase the loyalty of the users who interact with the brand through the influencer. Here, the aim is to take one step ahead of brand awareness and use. In this way, followers make the brand a part of their lives instead of using it once. At the same time, followers who become loyal to the brand begin to recommend the brand to the people around them. Followers, who are volunteer ambassadors of the brand, can start to recommend the product on their own social media accounts after this stage.

Influencer Marketing in ihracat.in

For a successful influencer planning, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive research and to know the sociology of social media very well. For this reason, it is important that you provide influencer marketing that appeals to the right audience for your e-commerce brand and is compatible with your brand culture by consulting its experts. Experienced digital marketing experts within the ihracat.in team are getting successful results in blogger and influencer collaborations. For this purpose, detailed analyzes are made on the basis of the number of followers, conversion and interaction rates of the people in question, and to what extent they overlap with your brand identity. These analyzes are taken into account before the influencer and blogger cooperate. During the cooperation process, the necessary content and issues are evaluated in detail and care is taken to ensure a work in line with the brand identity.

Examples of Influencer Marketing

You may not be able to predict how a popular person, couple or family on social media can contribute to your export or e-commerce process. However, digital marketing analyzes around the world show that as a result of successful brand collaborations with influencers with a large number of followers and strong interaction power, site traffic, product awareness, brand popularity and sales figures increase visibly. Collaboration with a famous mother influencer can be very effective for the popularity of your diaper brand in e-commerce. For a toy brand, the influencer, which is followed by a very large audience of children, will definitely be effective. The influence of a highly followed decorator or interior designer influencer for handmade candles is indisputable. This list goes on and on with products such as clothing, furniture and make-up. Moreover, unlike traditional advertisements, influencers examine your product for a long time, explain it and show you how to use it. Depending on the cooperation, the influencer or blogger can also direct you to your website from their own social media page or website. And that means taking advantage of the traffic it gets…

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