The success of studies on data mining, CRM, marketing automations, CDP, digital transformation in e-commerce directly affects the success of reaching and obtaining sales to the masses. An e-export or e-commerce site can be successful with good software developers, project designers with foresight and details that enable the business to work in areas that require technology work such as CDP, digital transformation, Ar/Rv, earn insider, call tracking, CRM. Success in e-export or success in e-commerce can be evaluated on the axis of best user experience, strong branding, quality traffic and good sales results. So, what to look out for when investing in technology in e-commerce?   What is required to do about technology in e-commerce  and what are the details to pay special attention to in this regard? Let’s look at the technology requirements of e-commerce sites together…

E-commerce profitability largely depends on promotion. Successful e-commerce management requires a successful digital marketing setup. After marketing, the user should be able to find what they are looking for, or the user who is convinced by marketing should not be disappointed during shopping. At this point, it is very prominent to use the right software and technologies, i.e. to invest in technology. So, what do the technology investments of successful e-commerce brands cover and what should be considered?

E-commerce and Technology

An e-commerce, e-export or e-tourism site must provide the user with a well-functioning infrastructure for the product or service it wants to sell. Here, technology and software become important for both the user and the system provider. Topics such as presenting the right product to the right audience by mining data or showing the right promotional content to the right audience, providing effective and taking an instant communication to action, turning the site into a live communication tool and receiving secure payments are explained by technology investment in e-commerce. We can list the professional services we provide about the technology elements on e-commerce sites as follows:

  • Data Mining

The secret of many successful entrepreneurs; the ability and vision to see opportunities. Today, it’s important to use the advantage of analyzing data to see new opportunities and get vision. Many of the major e-commerce firms and e-export businesses that achieve strong sales volumes care about investing in data mining technology. It’s also meticulous in analyzing the data it receives.

  • DMP

Data targeting is also a prominent area in e-commerce. Limiting large and complex data to a specific goal and accordingly finding and processing the desired data, putting the desired one in easy-to-track form and then strategizing based on this data is a big step. E-commerce sites that want to move forward can save a great deal of money with DMP, i.e. data targeting.

  • Growth Management Platform

Growth Management Platform, which we have shortened to GMP, can be done in growth management. With the growth management platform, targeting is made and the focus becomes clearer. E-commerce businesses that can successfully work on GMP technology can enhance the user experience and offer tailored options to users who stay longer on the site or want to repeat the shopping, order, booking experience. Being personalized is the most powerful marketing method today. Because it brings success permanently.

  • Call Tracking

Call tracking is also a service offered on the axis of technology. It generates important data by compiling referrals, call times, notes taken during interviews, number of complaints and survey data at the end of phone calls, if any, at the electronic telephone exchange where call center or complaint phones come from. If there is good call tracking software here and it is used effectively, great results can be obtained for customer-based marketing.

  • Marketing Automation (Earn Insider)

A technology service to be supported by software is marketing automation. You can get support from marketing automation to raise awareness about your brand.

  • CRM

It is easier to manage the process with software developed specifically for the e-commerce business in CRM, i.e. customer relationship management. A range of operational tasks can be facilitated, from inventory tracking to reporting, calendar tracking to customer feedback assessment. That means more efficient business and time management.

  • AR/VR

Augmented reality, short for AR technology, which has managed to be very effective even though it is still a new field, provides a real user experience. It can offer a very realistic image about  the product or the service  that the user wants to buy or intends to buy. Accessing Augmented Reality technology is not so easy for brands today. However, it is also known that it will become a real must in the near future.

  • Digital Transformation

Systems that are monitored online such as making out an e-invoice, e-stock tracking and e-delivery note have become a necessity. In the field of e-transformation or digital transformation technology, it is very important to get support from experts.

  • CDP

It is really difficult to have a presence in the e-commerce sector in increasing competition. However, making some moves on the spot makes it possible to get results. CDP technology provides one-place access to the data of e-commerce site or e-export site users. Of course, this data is very valuable in determining marketing and advertising strategy.

Make a Reliable and Powerful Choice for Technology in e-commerce!

In order to establish a successful e-commerce site, it is necessary to present a very detailed study in a wide range of fields ranging from product supply to stock, product and site promotion to site infrastructure. All this process management, analyzing and interpreting a large amount of data requires a wide range of studies, such as strategizing according to the obtained analyses, implementing and testing the strategy, developing a constantly renewed approach according to the test results, and addressing human emotions while doing so. With such an approach, we offer services with experienced people with expertise in topics such as DMP, call tracking, CRM, digital transformation, CDP.

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