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AR, short for Augmented Reality, takes its place in our lives as a ‘artırılmış gerçeklik’ with the Turkish definition. The fact that the experience comes to the forefront in all areas together with digital transformation increases the value of both AR and VR technologies. VR, short for Virtual Reality, opens different opportunities for its users. Augmented reality (AR) paves the way for a computer-generated world or story to be felt by the user with the help of a physical device. With the AR experience, users see and feel a world they can’t touch as real. In VR technology, users move through the device into a virtual world.

Advantages of AR/VR Applications in e-Commerce

Virtual reality (VR) technology paves the way for you to enter a different world. In e-commerce, you can use VR technology to experience  who you are, how products feel, as if they were real.  With AR technology, you can make your customers’ lives easier. With the support of mobile devices, you can find out what color will suit you to paint your home. Because in AR technology, you can see how the colors you have selected according to your color selection will stand on the wall of your home. This is why AR and VR technologies are increasingly used in e-commerce and in different sectors. Both technologies guide your customers and potential customers. As a result of the guidance, the vast majority of customers perform the purchase action. The secret of AR and VR technologies is the feeling and experience they give your customers before the acquisition process.

The Importance of AR/VR Applications in e-Commerce

With AR/VR applications, you can create a rising momentum in e-commerce. In both technologies, your target audience will not forget their experience as it will provide your customers with a lifelike experience. As a result, they prefer you because they need it or simply because they really want to have the experience they feel. What makes AR and VR technologies unique is the personalized experience tailored to your audience. Through experience, unstable customers tend to buy your product because they know what they want to feel, even if they don’t know what they want. In short, with AR and VR technologies;

  • You can bring together a completely different experience to your target audience.
  • You can give your potential customers reason to choose you.
  • You may have the opportunity to show your quality and customer satisfaction in e-commerce.

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