Call Tracking

call tracking

When creating marketing strategies, media such as internet, social media, traditional print publications, radio and television advertisements are frequently used. Even today, the characteristics of materials used in the field of marketing are usually based on the transfer of unilateral information. Advertisers don’t get immediate feedback when passing on their information and arguments to potential customers. Getting instant feedback is one of the golden opportunities in determining sales and marketing strategies. This is unique to digital marketing. However, it is also possible to get instant feedback in phone marketing. Phone calls with customers or potential customers have long been one of the most effective methods used in marketing. Despite other one-sided methods, phone marketing has the advantage of instant feedback. Today, telephone marketing or feedback studies can also be managed by supporting algorithms. Call tracking, which means phone monitoring or phone tracking, is an important part of today’s marketing. The answer to the question of what is call tracking can be given not only within the scope of phone tracking, but also as phone call analysis supported by algorithms.

Call Tracking’s Place in Marketing

Call tracking plays an important role in marketing strategies, both in the transfer of ideas and ads and in the receipt of feedback. Call tracking generates important data by compiling referrals, call times, notes taken during calls, number of complaints and survey data at the end of phone calls, if any, at the electronic telephone exchange where call center or complaint phones come from.  Thanks to call tracking software and algorithms, not only feedback from the customer can be used by classifying, but phone calls can also be used as marketing arguments. A properly constructed  call  tracking algorithm can also recognize incoming calls and provide customer-based marketing.

Advantages of Call Tracking Software

Call tracking  algorithms bring many advantages when used in e-commerce by designing effectively and consciously. In order to take advantage of call tracking software, professional teams need to use algorithms and reporting designed specifically for the e-commerce company. Call tracking benefits when used correctly:

  • To ensure that many keywords used verbally are captured and then used,
  • Providing instant data to sales teams using crm studies,
  • Maintaining certain quality values in both incoming and outgoing calls,
  • With fast feedback and reporting both before and after sales
  • It can be listed as being able to market according to the phone number, and therefore the person.

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