What does CDP mean as a marketing and software term? Why do e-commerce sites need CDP technology? How is CDP technology applied in e-commerce, e-export?

The term CDP, known as a Customer data platform, is one of the tools that marketing units often use. ‘What is CDP preferred by marketing professionals?’ and ‘What is the importance of CDP in e-commerce?’ Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions and much more…

What Does CDP Mean?

You can combine information about your customers with CDP, which we can define as a customer data platform. By accessing data through CDP in one place, you can decide what steps you should take in the marketing processes. With the customer data platform reaching a rising position in the e-commerce sector, competition in the sector is gaining momentum. One of the winning elements in e-commerce is that you can use CDP to create customer loyalty and communicate with the customer.

About Customer Data Platform – CDP

With the Customer data platform, you can have insight into your customers. You can use cdp reporting processes developed specifically for your company. With cdp reports that you will receive regularly, you can learn what you can do to turn your customers into loyal customers. With the CDP system, you can combine both online and offline data. This allows you to create profiles for your customers. In my CDP system, you can integrate different formats and get to know your customers closely. With this system, which allows you to have much more than a name of your customers, you can double your performance in e-commerce. For example, your customer added a product to his/her cart on the website but left the website without buying the product. In such a case, you can send them a special email to avoid losing your potential customer.

The Importance of CDP in e-Commerce

With the Customer data platform, you can learn how to turn your potential customers into real customers in e-commerce. You can also organize mobilizing campaigns to get your customers to shop again. CDP advantages not only speed up e-commerce companies, but also make your customers feel special.

  • Flexibility and Speed: You can keep a close eye on your customers using CDP data. You can monitor instantly changing consumer behaviors and take action based on consumer behavior.
  • Efficiency: With the CDP system, you can examine customer data from different sources as a whole. The collection of data from different channels in one system accelerates the analysis process as well as offers a time advantage. In this way, you can develop a marketing strategy in line with the needs of your customers.
  • Accessibility: This is one of the advantages of using CDP.  Accessibility allows you to access information without relying on different departments or people.

In all commercial activities, it is important to keep customer data and evaluate, measure, analyze or draw some conclusions based on these data in different vertical or horizontal locations. With CDP software, you can create a comprehensive data field about users coming to your e-commerce site. You can filter this field according to your own expectations and evaluate it for different purposes. You can communicate with users on the axis of special products or services, making them feel special. With an effective use of CDP, information in different fields from your business website to mobile application is processed by evaluating the data, i.e. the most valuable source. It’s important to use advanced CDP technology to protect existing customers.

ihracat.in offers an innovative design for CDP technology to build loyalty for existing customers. With CDP technology, you can show customer-specific advertising in social media marketing and provide product lists specific to previous behavior on the Web site. You can experience the unlimited action-taking option that the customer has to offer to learn what they like and how they behave.

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