Data Mining

data mining

In order to reach the customer correctly in the field of marketing and sales, the information to be used in the marketing field of the customer community must be learned first. There may be a lot of data to know about the customer community or the target market. Besides a lot of information to know, the pool of information to collect the data is usually complex and contains a lot of unnecessary information as well as the necessary information. Data mining comes into play here, collecting the necessary information about the target market and helping to extract the customer portfolio and lead marketing efforts. The answer to the question of what data mining is can be given briefly as the withdrawal of information required for marketing from a large data pool in various ways. Data analyses, which used to be done manually from within various survey studies or general statistical information, can be done with various automated or semi-automatic algorithms with the spread of the internet and computer systems today.

Big Data and Data Mining

Big data is one of the most common concepts in data mining. If the question of what is big data is answered in terms of data mining, it can be defined as a parent dataset. Large data contains all useful or unnecessary data from the customer pool in the marketing area. While many concepts that can be used in advertising such as customers’ age, gender, languages they speak, websites they visit frequently are reached, at the same time, information that is not necessary for marketing in some cases, such as the type of music that customers listen to, the movies they watch, is also included in the big  data. Today, it is only possible to draw effective information for marketing from within the big data pool by collecting and blending information from many different media. Effective data mining in areas where there is massive information data can only be achieved with various algorithms.

The Importance of Data Mining in E-Commerce

In e-commerce, the main way to reach customers faster and more efficiently is to learn about them. Choosing useful and necessary ones, especially from many information, requires an effective data  mining process during the information acquisition phase. Data mining is a frequently used method in the fields of e-commerce and e-marketing. Especially the processing of data from websites and interpreting the necessary statistics are among the factors that increase success in e-commerce. Key features of data mining:

  • Data mining enables better customer recognition in e-commerce.
  • Data obtained through data mining is used to ensure that marketing and sales are more effective and targeted at the same time.
  • Data mining saves a lot of time.

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