Data Management Platform

data management platform

In both marketing and product development stages, being able to meet the customer’s expectations and reach the customer is one of the main objectives. Almost unlimited parameters such as the choice of target audience, analysis, customer needs, status of competitors and so on need to be processed in today’s marketing world. All methods or software that enable the collection and processing of data from many different media are called data targeting in marketing. The question of what is DMP can be answered with the phrase “data management platform”. DMP, which can be fully translated into our language in the form of “knowledge management platform”; can also be defined as “data target” in some marketing literature.

DMP Data Targeting Stages

When setting up data targeting with DMP, compiling data obtained both online and classically is one of the critical points, especially with the spread of the internet and its use by more people. In addition to the data obtained by digital methods, e-commerce or e-marketing companies obtain data and analyses obtained by classical methods. Customers’ private profiles, reviews, data obtained from fairs, prices and product characteristics of competitors, price and product expectations of customers and similar data can be obtained by non-digital methods. In order for digital and non-digital data to be processed, it is necessary to transfer it to the algorithm regularly and make the data workable. As data grows, flexibility and selectivity need to be enhanced by the program’s algorithm. From the collection of data to the selection of technology, the use of technology is a must for DMP.  The realization of algorithms and editing with the help of professionals will save speed and time. A clearer understanding of data targeting with DMP training will also ensure that it stands out in the field of marketing.

Considerations for DMP Selection

The use of technology in all DMP stages is necessary for accurate marketing by increasing both data collection and the speed of data processing. Since the answer to the question of what DMP does is to help with marketing, accurate reporting of the information resulting from DMP is also important. During DMP, we can list the points to consider as follows.

  • It is necessary to use technology.
  • When collecting data, it must be collected both online and offline.
  • Algorithms should be established in accordance with the criteria of flexibility in both data collection and processing.
  • The right data should be selected with data mining.
  • It is necessary to use the customer database by matching the information.
  • An effective reporting system should be set up.

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