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growth management platform

In order to grow and develop in marketing, marketing efforts started to be supported with a wide range of algorithms and programs, especially after the introduction of the internet. Both sales and marketing activities are directed towards digital media and e-commerce systems that are the result of these orientations; they are in a race to use these algorithms and programs to stand out in the competition between each other. The concept, abbreviated as GMP and used in international literature; based on the ability to establish customer-based marketing policies according to the flow of information used by blending in marketing and sales channels. The answer to the question of what GMP is  can be explained by translating the English acronym into our language. GMP; A concept abbreviated as”Growth Management Platform” and can be translated directly into our language as “Büyüme Yönetimi Platformu”. Basically GMP; it covers all systems that include the selection and management of the contents to be presented to the customer as planned in marketing activities. GMP; a computer program or algorithm; it can also cover all marketing fiction of e-commerce sites.

Features of Growth Management Platform

GMP has been one of the most popular marketing systems in e-commerce in recent years. GMP programs and algorithms can deliver very good marketing results when managed by professional people and the necessary information support is provided. The materials necessary to reach the right customer can be shown to the target audience with the help of GMP algorithms and attract the customer’s attention privately. While many customer-specific impressions or actions used in e-commerce can be covered by GMP, one of the GMP features  is that it automatically delivers the content the customer needs by processing incoming data. Some features of GMP  include:

  • It can detect and bring products to the forefront of customer needs.
  • It offers time-based marketing opportunities not only on a customer basis with dynamic content.
  • Helps with future marketing steps by editing forms and outputs.
  • Can prepare multichannel campaigns.
  • Offer personalized products by monitoring customers or customer groups.
  • It can make automated recommendations to customers.

In order to use the features of GMP programs, it is essential to create the right software as well as a data and output stream organized by professional people.

Advantages of Growth Management Platform

GMP, which is applied professionally and with its details, brings significant advantages in the field of marketing. GMP benefits  include automated customer-based approaches. An e-commerce site built with the right GMP algorithms provides each customer with ads, products, even recommendations, enabling customer-specific marketing approaches to be prepared. GMP can scan not only customers who come to the e-commerce site, but also potential customers with data analytics, increasing the likelihood of winning with specially served ads. GMP algorithms coordinated with a professional team can achieve significant marketing success on an e-commerce platform.

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